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"With this inspired "Square One", Soho Riot gives us a lesson of hard rock that really deserves to be listened."
NEWF (07.10.2022)  
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Another album that many people might miss because of a flagrant lack of exposure and promotion. So let's try, at our level, to give it the place it deserves because this "Square One" is an excellent hard rock record, the real one, the one inherited from the 70's which itself plunged its roots in the heart of blues rock. With this first album, Soho Riot reveals itself, like Last Temptation, as one of the best French representatives of the style.

Without surprise, who says excellent album says excellent musicians. In fact, Soho Riot was founded by François Charles Delacoudre, undoubtedly one of the best French bass players who, before being part of the United Guitars galaxy, played with Laura Cox and Julien Bitoun, among others. And inevitably he knew how to surround himself with talented musicians, in particular Maxime Vaugon, excellent guitarist unjustly ignored. The Van Halen-like riff and the flamboyant solo of '90's Memories' are enough to show his undeniable rock feeling.

Where others are content to align titles all more or less from the same mold, Soho Riot tries to navigate between the different periods of hard rock, from the 70's ('Square One') to the 90's and after ('Water Rain'), so much so that the band seems to have digested all the influences of the style, from Whitesnake ('Don't Believe The Screen') and Deep Purple ('Blame It') to Alter Bridge ('Water Rain').

This eclecticism of the compositions is especially made possible by the incredible voice of Edouard Dornier. In a vocal register close to that of Myles Kennedy, in particular on the powerful ballad 'Words Ain't Enough', one of the summits of the album, or on the very melodic 'Got To Know', he is, without question, the main revelation of "Square One".

With his efficient guitar riffs, his dantesque bass lines (the phenomenal 'You're Mine') and his catchy vocal lines, Soho Riot gives a real lesson of musicality to all those who think that hard rock is a dated style that has nothing to bring in 2022. It is obvious that this inspired "Square One" was recorded with a lot of passion and humility.
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01. Don t Believe the Screen
02. Got to Know
03. 90 s Memories
04. Square One
05. Water Rain
06. Human in a Cage
07. Words Ain T Enough
08. Sand Landscape
09. You re Mine
10. Blame It

Alexandre Shaft: Batterie
Édouard Dornier: Chant
François C. Delacoudre: Basse
Maxime Vaugon: Guitares
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Un album véritablement excellent, varié et qui respire le plaisir des musiciens. L'évolution entre le premier EP et ce disque est bluffante et montre qu'il faudra suivre SOHO RIOT dans les années à venir !
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