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  • 60 000 readers / month (Google Analytics source)
  • 160 000 pages / month (Google Analytics source)
  • 17 years of experience (Music Waves was created in 2003)
  • A team composed of 2volunteers (columnists/photographers/interviewers) + 1 permanent manager
  • More than 200 partners (labels/promotion agencies/concert halls…)
  • Alexa Ranking (France): 3000
  • 10 000 Facebook Likes
  • 2000 reviews, 700 articles, 6000 news / year


You are about to release a Rock or Metal album or are organising an event, and you wish to stand up for it and present it to the greatest number of people? To help you, Music Waves offers various promotion solutions from the simple review of the album or event to the full promotion solution, which guarantees you exclusiveness and an entire website set at your image.

Why do promotion? Because the world has changed these last years. Thanks to internet and new technologies, it is now easy for everyone to quickly access millions of titles. Moreover, recording techniques have improved and any music group can now obtain financing through participating websites, produce an album in its home studio and then release it in mp3 or other dematerialised formats in a few minutes. Ideal world… However, there is one remaining question: how can you stand out among hundreds of other music groups producing similar kind of music with the same technical means?

What was true 10 years ago is not relevant anymore. Musicians / artists all have a good technical level and IT technology levelled up the musical content. Indeed, 95% of the releases have a production of good quality and a content without any real flaw.

Consequently, to stand out from all the musical projects that flourish, there is but one solution: promotion. Music Waves, combining its experimented staff and its loyal and eager to discover readership, is a necessary tool to help you promote your music.


Our packages provide different services to suit all needs. 


The review of your album is the first essential step to promote your work. The review is written by a member of our team after listening to the album at least three times. It is as objective as possible, describing the music and presenting its positive and negative points (when there is). The review is accompanied with:
o The rating (1 to 5) given by the Music Waves writer
o Track list
o Group composition
o Tags
o A YouTube video (if available)

Statistically, 7 reviews out of 10 get a rating at 3 or more.

Please note that the writing of a review is free. However, if the review gets at least a 3 rating, we would ask you – as a gesture in exchange of the work done on the review – to send the album (commercial format) to Music Waves (see the address at the beginning of this document). We can assure you that it will not be sold and will only be given to a member of our team.

Referring to an event, we write a news to present the project and also include the date(s) of your event in our calendar on Music Waves. 


The review / news will attract many readers. Nevertheless, you have to be aware that it will be among the 6 reviews and 4-5 news that Music Waves publish per day. To stand out, we offer you the Basic Pack, which enables you to include one or two promotion banners on our site. Your banner (s) will then rotate with banners of other groups/labels during one month. We may design the banners ourselves or, for smaller budgets, you may send us your own banner (.jpg, .gif or .swf | 950x90 Max). 

First big advantage to be noted: all banners which are included on Music Waves are managed internally and are therefore NOT BLOCKED by advertisements blockers such as Adblock. 
Second advantage: as we send it to you, you will be able to use any banner designed by Music Waves for you on any other website. 
Third advantage: you don’t have to send a CD as you choose a paying solution.


What is more gratifying than seeing your interview between the interviews of Steven Wilson, Blind Guardian or Vanden Plas? Our Silver Pack offers you this promotion solution. In addition to the review and the banners, we write 10-15 questions that are customised according to your news, and send them to you by e-mail. Once we receive your answers, the interview is translated if need be and then published. You may contact us directly if you would prefer a face to face interview, which is more dynamic and interactive.
The interview, together with a photo (which you may choose), is also put on the front line of our articles for one week. Moreover, the review/news related to the interview is validated again and therefore also put at the top of the list of reviews/news of the day. You are sure to attract even more readers!

If you wish to present an event, you may ask us to write an article, part of the Silver Pack. This article, made of 300/500 words, will describe the event in a concise and structured way in order to ensure you good visibility with our readership.

To be noted: all our interviews / articles are accompanied with videos and images in order to have a greater impact on our readership.


Include a video has now more and more impact, but one has to be able to view it. The Gold Pack is the solution. Your video will ideally complement the different solutions included in the previous packs - the review, banners and the interview or the article. It will be located in the rectangular s that are configured on Music Waves for videos, and most importantly, you will have exclusiveness for one week. That means that your video will be the only video that our readership will access, during 7 days.

Rather than a video, you may choose to ask us to include an advertisement which – as for the banners – could be either designed by ourselves or directly by you, depending on your budget.


The Titanium Pack is the most complete promotion solution we offer. Its only flaw: impress everyone! It brings together all the elements of the previous packs (the review, banners, the interview / article and the video), and additionally, puts Music Waves at your image for one week.

More precisely, the left and right parts of the Music Waves pages that are currently blank are covered with the images that you will have validated with the Design team to present your album/event. A banner at the top of the page is added in addition to the existing banners. The whole set is clickable and will redirect the player to a link (bandcamp, facebook or other) that you will have defined. Moreover the principle is the same as for the video: the display is exclusive. You have the advertising space of Music Waves for you alone for 7 days.

For the Titanium Pack, we would recommend you let our Design team realise all the different banners in order to ensure a graphic unity on the website. 

To know our prices or set up one your promotional solutions, please contact us at
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