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"More than a simple cover album, "A Better Dystopia" is a pure Monter Magnet album, a way for the band to assert its allegiance to the most obscure rock of the 60s and 70s."
CHILDERIC THOR (06.08.2021)  
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Monster Magnet is a rock band, a real one, full of all the excesses that normally go with it. Girls, alcohol and dope. Even if the band has mellowed over time, it still has it in its blood. He likes the road, the concerts, in short, the rock'n'roll life. The confinement forced by the health crisis could only annoy the Americans. How to occupy oneself then if one cannot play on stage? Write a new album? Dave Wyndorf admits it himself, he didn't feel like it. So what better way than to lock himself in a studio and revisit old standards from the 60s and 70s? 

It is therefore an album of covers. For the listener, the exercise is not always very exciting since it is too often limited to the wise interpretation of too well-known classics. Nothing of that with Monster Magnet. Alongside Hawkwind, eternal muse of the Yanks, whose 'Born To Go' they cover, follow the lesser known if not forgotten Dust, The Scientists, J.D. Blackfoot, Poohbah or even Table Scraps. In fact, someone who would ignore the nature of "A Better Dystopia" could believe that it is simply the successor of "Mindfucker"! And this, especially since the band has an extremely strong sound and visual identity that allows them to appropriate these relics of the past.

Most of them seem to come straight out of Dave Wyndrof's smoky brain, such as 'Mr Destroyer', shrouded in psychedelic effluvia, or 'Be Forewarned' (Macabre), which could easily have been included in the menu of "Powertrip". But, in addition to the powerful and varied performance of the singer, undeniable keystone of the band, what strikes at the listening of this disc is the impression to travel in the time, to be catapulted at the end of the sixties and the beginning of the seventies. Between the introductory 'The Diamond Mine', reading of a text of Dave Diamond, cult host of the US airwaves of that time, a 'Death' (The Pretty Things) with the perfume of the Orient with its bewitching sitar or this 'It's A Trash' (The Cave Men) as escaped from the soundtrack of "Graffiti Party", great movie of John Milius on the American youth of those years, the group manages to capture the atmosphere of that time. This also gives him the opportunity to grind a good old hard rock proto ('Motorcycle', 'Solid Gold Hell'...) or to gallop through acid paradises ('Welcome To The Void', 'When The Wolf Sits') as he likes them so much.

More than a simple cover album, "A Better Dystopia" is a pure Monter Magnet album, nostalgic without being anachronistic, a way for the band to assert its allegiance to the most obscure rock of the 60s and 70s and to draw a parallel between this era and ours.
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01. The Diamond Mine
02. Born To Go
03. Epitaph For A Head
04. Solid Gold Hell
05. Be Forewarned
06. Mr. Destroyer
07. When The Wolf Sits
08. Death
09. Situation
10. It's Trash
11. Motorcycle (Straight To Hell)
12. Learning To Die
13. Welcome To The Void (bonus track)

Alec Morton: Basse
Bob Pantella: Batterie
Dave Wyndorf: Chant / Guitares
Garrett Sweeny: Guitares
Phil Caivano: Guitares
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