Epic, Hovering, Melancholic, Old School, Rasping vocals
"After a long sleep that one might have thought eternal, Demons & Wizards makes a miraculous comeback by regaining the class and magic of its first album."
NOISE (07.02.2020)  
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More than 20 years ago, in the heart of the "true metal" wave, Demons & Wizards, the project of Hansi Kürsch and Jon Schaffer, had marked the spirits with a perfect album, a link between their universes. Time went by and we didn't expect to find the project again after a second, more conventional album in 2005. Yet the miracle happened in 2019. Demons & Wizards has been touring all summer and come back  to us with a unexpected "III".

Over more than eight minutes, first single, 'Diabolical', is a musical journey out of time with a strong melancholy. Hansi's pure and powerful voice blends gracefully with the power of Jon's heavy riffs. The duo have rediscovered their alchemy and the result is an exciting album that can be listened to with relish. Some tracks merge the heavy of Iced Earth and the melodic strength of Blind Guardian. Many tracks allow to savour sharp riffs tinted with an epic and melodic side and brilliant solos showing a Jon at the top. Hansi shines brightly with a powerful, melodic timbre and a storyteller's voice, especially on excellent choruses.

This storytelling side is even more expressed on high-flying tracks. 'Dark Side Of Her Majesty' highlights it with a Hansi that brings the mysterious side of the song to life like in a movie. 'Timeless Spirit' and 'Children Of Cain', the two long pieces, are emotional whirlwinds. The first one is bewitching with an airy progressive atmospheric side. The music makes you travel and Hansi's pure vocal brings a touch of folk. The second one is also remarkable with its melancholic strength, a perfect rise in power and folk-tinged breaks carried by catchy melodies. With 'Midas Disease' and 'Split', the duo explores other directions. The first is straightforward with a hard rock tone close to AC/DC and Hansi's powerful vocals that evoke a Blackie Lawless for a stirring result. The second allows Jon to indulge in thrash riffs and fast soli.

"III" is a very nice surprise. It allows us to find Demons & Wizards at the top of its shape as in the great era with the same strength tinged with emotion. Even if both men are very busy, we hope that a sequel will be available to continue the adventure.
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01. Diabolic
02. Invincible
03. Wolves In Winter
04. Final Warning
05. Timeless Spirit
06. Dark Side Of Her Majesty
07. Midas Disease
08. New Dawn
09. Universal Truth
10. Split
11. Children Of Cain

Hansi Kürsch: Chant
Jon Schaffer: Guitares / Basse / Claviers / Mandoline
Brent Smedley: Batterie / Invité
Jake Dreyer: Guitares / Invité
Jim Morris: Guitares / Invité
Pa’dam Chamber Choir: Invité / Choeurs
Ruben Drake: Basse / Invité
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