"A band composed of members of Arena and Treshold, Shadowland offers us a "Ring Of Roses" which is above all addressed to the fans of old school neo-progressive rock."
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Shadowland's "Ring Of Roses" was initially released in 1992, gathering a strong neo-progressive rock team at this time. At the helm is Clive Nolan (Pendragon, Caamora), accompanied by Ian Salmon (Janison Egde), Nick Harradence (Treshold) and Karl Groom (Treshold). Clive Nolan is in charge of all the compositions and officiates on keyboards and vocals. The mix is very clean and offers a sound of a perfect power and balance.

Logically, the titles are rather built on layers of keyboards with some regular soli in particular on the final of 'Jigsaw' or 'Hall Of Mirrors' (to note for this last one that these soli are often made in the form of dialogue keyboards/guitars rather tasty).

The instrumental 'The Kruhulick Syndrome' is close to Strangers On Train by the predominance of the keyboards on the first three minutes before the intervention of a Hispanic guitar and the track explodes to offer a final dedicated to the guitar and its dizzying solo. This title will find a continuation in the third album of Shadowland. The eponymous title closes this version of 1992 in a very beautiful way after an introduction voice/keyboards concluded by a rather traditional development couplet/chorus involving, a proof of more of the melodic inclination of its leader.

Note that the second version of "Ring Of Roses", released 8 years later on Verglas (Arena's label), contains 2 additional tracks: 'Dorian Gray', a short and dispensable piano/voice track, and 'I, Judas', a powerful composition totally in line with the rest of the album. The boxset version, "Cautionary Tales", offers in addition the demo versions of 'Jigsaw' and 'Ring Of Roses'.

"Ring Of Roses" is primarily for fans of old school neo-progressive rock. The musicians are excellent and magnify Clive Nolan's compositions from start to finish. If it is difficult to find this record today, it is possible to get the beautiful box set "Cautionary Tales" which gathers all the productions of this major band of the neo-progressive of the 90s.
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01. The Whistleblower - 06:34
02. Jigsaw - 12:01
03. Scared Of The Dark - 06:11
04. Painting By Numbers - 06:36
05. Hall Of Mirrors - 14:27
06. The Kruhulick Syndrome - 06:08
07. Ring Of Roses - 06:33
08. Dorian Gray (bonus 1997) - 02:50
09. I, Judas (bonus 1997) - 06:04

Clive Nolan: Chant / Claviers
Ian Salmon: Basse / Guitare acoustique
Karl Groom: Guitares / Basse
Nick Harradence: Batterie
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