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"This "Stay Hungry" by Twisted Sister raises the level again to become one of those must-have works for any Hard-Rock and Metal fan."
LOLOCELTIC (12.08.2011)  
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Third album in 3 years for Dee Snider and his band who don't seem to want to calm down as the title of his new offering with its explicit cover announces. "You Can't Stop Rock'n'Roll" confirmed the success of "Under The Blade" and proved that Twisted Sister knew how to perfectly handle the ingredients that make their identity, the mix of this rage coming from the street and this capacity to make it all accessible and commercial. "Stay Hungry" definitely installs the quintet to the rank of legend.

This new opus is not surprising for those who follow the band since its beginnings since the elements that compose it are always the same. But like an alchemist who carefully creates his potions to get the best out of them, Twisted Sister doses each element and places it in the right place for a result that is more and more unstoppable. The anthems are even more irresistible than before: "We're Not Gonna Take It" and "I Wanna Rock" are direct, festive and rebellious and their videos will not fail to make the PMRC react and push Dee Snider in front of a senate committee. The latter not having his tongue in his pocket, he will reverse the situation to attack the association and its intolerant methods.

And as if they had anticipated this confrontation, the combo seems even more aggressive on this new opus, handling as well the anger (the scathing "Stay Hungry") as the threat ("Burn In Hell"). Whether it is on this last one or on the diptych composing "Horror-Teria", Dee Snider is more worrying and unhealthy than ever. "Burn In Hell" crawls forward before jumping down our throats, while "Captain Howdy" is suffocating before the warlike explosion of "Street Justice." In his performance, the master of ceremonies is perfectly assisted by the pair Ojeda / French who enjoy themselves on soli crossing or answering each other, while Mendoza mistreats his bass and Pero infuses his dynamics to the whole. And if all this ends on the anthemic "S.M.F." which pays homage to the band's faithful (the Sick Mother Fuckers), Twisted Sister will not have forgotten to successfully rub shoulders with the ballad with "The Price", to share with us their fears on the catchy "Don't Let Me Down", and to give us a good dose of anguish with "The Beast" as cold and merciless as the killer whose adventures it tells.

If Twisted Sister have never made a misstep until now, we must admit that "Stay Hungry" raises the level a notch to impose itself as one of these unavoidable works for any Hard-Rock and Metal fan worthy of the name.
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01. Stay Hungry - 3:05
02. We're Not Gonna Take It - 3:36
03. Burn In Hell - 4:43
04. Horror-Teria (Capt. Howdy/Street Justice) - 7:44
05. I Wanna Rock - 3:04
06. The Price - 3:50
07. Don't Let Me Down - 4:28
08. The Beast - 3:29
09. S.M.F. - 3:01

A.J. Pero: Batterie
Dee Snider: Chant
Eddie « Fingers » Ojeda: Guitares
Jay Jay French: Guitares
Mark « The Animal » Mendoza: Basse
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