"Anthrax turns darker and more aggressive on this somewhat uneven but hard-hitting "Sound Of White Noise"."
NESTOR (29.06.2011)  
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With "Sound Of White Noise", Anthrax confirms the musical direction taken on its previous album, which had already somewhat abandoned the fun side of the band. This change is illustrated by the departure of Joey Belladona in favor of former Armored Saint singer John Bush. Bush's voice is much deeper and less typically heavy than that of his predecessor. This evolution is also expressed by the disappearance of the 'fusion' tracks Anthrax had pioneered, and by the arrival as co-producer of Dave Jerden, who had previously worked with Alice In Chains. Although we can't be categorical on this point, this artistic moult seems to be directly linked to the recent success of new bands who, like Pantera, have made their music harder and heavier.

From the very start of this record, with the vehement 'Potter's Field' and 'Only', we discover an enraged and fiery band. Bush's deep, aggressive vocals allow Anthrax to gain in maturity. It is the same for the guitars, which are heavier and more powerful than in the past, without losing their propensity for distilling melodies that are very easy to remember. But this extra aggression is not at the expense of the melodic quality of the riffs, and Anthrax manage to combine powerful guitar parts with catchy soli ('Only'). There are few dips in inspiration, and this massive album is a pleasure to listen to with ease. Even 'Black Lodge', which at times flirts with the dispensable, has its interesting sides, notably when Angelo Badalamenti, composer of the Twin Peaks soundtrack, steps in to help the band with this tribute to David Lynch's film.

Although excellent, "Sound Of White Noise" cannot be considered as a masterpiece of the '90s, as it struggles a little to remain consistent over time. It does, however, show a band keen to modernize without denying its past, and which succeeds in renewing its message. The 2001 reissue of "Sound Of White Noise" is particularly recommendable. In addition to its excellent sound, this version features many surprising and successful covers, such as Cheap Trick's 'Auf Wiedersehen', Thin Lizzy's 'Cowboy Song' and, even more surprisingly, a cover of The Smiths' 'London'.
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01. Potters Field - 05.00
02. Only - 04.57
03. Room For One More - 04.56
04. Packaged Rebellion - 06.16
05. Hy Pro Glo - 04.31
06. Invisible - 06.10
07. 1000 Points Of Hate - 05.01
08. Black Lodge - 05.26
09. C11 H17 N2 O2 S Na (sodium Pentathol) - 04.25
10. Burst - 03.42
11. This Is Not An Exit - 06.49

Charlie Benante: Batterie
Dan Spitz: Guitares
Frank Bello: Basse
John Bush: Chant
Scott Ian: Guitares
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