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"Metallica had its "Master Of Puppets", Megadeth will have its "Rust In Peace", a masterpiece that elevated the band to the pantheon of Thrash legends."
NIURK (28.05.2009)  
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Attention masterpiece! 1990 is a rather normal year for Dave Mustaine, leader Megadeth: he has just come out of his first detoxification to try to stop his alcoholism, he fired the last two recruits present on his previous album, Jeff Young and Chuck Behler, and is getting ready to record the new one with a still reorganized team. Nothing very new except that this time the newcomers are not just anybody, since they are the drummer Nick Menza and Marty Friedman on the 6 strings, the latter already having a good reputation as a virtuoso acquired with Vixen, Hawaii or Cacophony. 

The album opens with an anthology piece: the complex and raging "Holy Wars... The Punishment Due" which begins with an avalanche of jerky riffs before the explosion of the imperial and infallible bass / drums rhythm of Menza and Ellefson. A break with Hispanic accents comes to close this first part while a second one opens already on a heavier, lower riff, very Heavy Metal. The soli follow one another before a new change of rhythm makes way for a final deluge of soli plated on an unstoppable riff, the whole crowned by the bursts of Mustaine's voice.

But an excellent title is not enough and it is necessary to offer many anthems to enter the history such as "Hangar 18" which attacks at once by an anthological riff to follow on a second just as effective motif. The soli are coming from all sides and we can already hear the screams of the crowd coming to be grafted on the verses. Once again the track switches halfway through to a duel at the top between Mustaine and Friedman in a state of grace. The two men push the exercise to the limits of what is possible, without ever creating any weariness.

But the festival does not stop there with a breathtaking "Take No Prisoners" and a "Five Magic" which continues the bludgeoning while sparing a saving lull but concluding in a final apotheosis. "Poison Was The Cure" hardens the tone a little more by giving pride of place to a groovy bass. Mustaine's phrasing is also reminiscent of the band's early punk days.

"Lucretia" offers a more accessible structure, relying on a slower tempo riff and a more balanced vocal from Dave, as well as a slightly slower than usual solo showing off the melodic talents of the Americans. But in terms of catchy melody and solo, "Tornado Of Souls" raises the level even further: opting for an absolutely irresistible verse/chorus structure, the track leads to one of the most beautiful Thrash solo. "Rust In Peace... Peace" completes the work, adding a final dark and direct gem to the album.

Metallica had their "Master Of Puppets", Megadeth will have their "Rust In Peace"! Dave Mustaine takes here the most beautiful revenge, the artistic one, and raises himself to the Pantheon of the legends of Thrash. Because this is not a simple, fast, violent and vindictive album as so many know how to do, but a mastered, complete and complex work, which knows how to reveal itself and its subtleties to those who pay attention to it: the mark of the Great Ones!

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01. Holy Wars... The Punishment Due - 06:32
02. Hangar 18 - 05:14
03. Take No Prisoners - 03:26
04. Five Magics - 05:40
05. Poison Was The Cure - 02:56
06. Lucretia - 03:56
07. Tornado Of Souls - 05:19
08. Dawn Patrol - 01:51
09. Rust In Peace... Polaris - 05:44

Dave Mustaine: Chant / Guitares
David Ellefson: Basse
Marty Friedman: Guitares
Nick Menza: Batterie
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