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"By detaching itself from the classic Heavy Metal influences to plunge its music in an epic and orchestral bath, Virgin Steele poses with "Noble Savage" the first cornerstone of an edifice which announces itself grand."
NOISE (03.04.2008)  
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After two relatively unnoticed albums but showing a certain potential, Virgin Steele, a band formed 5 years earlier, comes back in 1986 with its new opus entitled "Noble Savage". Ten years later, a new version is released with the addition of six more tracks. Finally, in 2008, a reissue of this album is published by Dockyard1 with two new tracks in addition to the 6 tracks added 12 years earlier.

Virgin Steele has always been a classic heavy metal band. However, David DeFeis, founder of the band with Jack Starr (who is not Joey's father) quickly detached himself from the classical influences to immerse his music in an epic and orchestral bath. This tendency will lead to the departure of Starr, not very inspired by this kind of exercises.

This is how Virgin Steele will quickly see its popularity increase with albums out of the ordinary of which "Noble Savage" will be the cornerstone. Indeed, it is on this opus that the epic aspect will be preponderant and that the passion of its creator for the mythology will be filled.

The general atmosphere of the record is just like the cover, warlike and heroic and it is already in the tradition of the albums inspired by the Roman and Greek history that the band will release later. Pure moment of auditory pleasure for any fan of Heavy Metal, the marriage between classic Metal and medieval atmospheres is perfectly done throughout the 10 original tracks.

The album starts with 'We rule the night' which has all the makings of an absolute anthem carried by a chorus that stays in your head instantly. The track has easily become a classic of the band. In the same genre we find the very powerful 'Fight tooth and nail' with accents of a Manowar of the great era and a 'I'm on fire' perhaps a little less immediate but just as captivating in part thanks to its unstoppable chorus.

But it's the epic tracks that form the heart of this album and give it all its strength with first of all the superb 'Thy Kingdom Come', bringing us right back into ancient history and overflown by the voluptuous voice of David DeFeis. Then it is the unstoppable sequence with 'Image Of A Faun At Twilight' and 'Noble Savage'. The piano and keyboards intro launches us into the Roman era before the eponymous track becomes the masterpiece of the whole set on which all the musical excess of Virgin Steele is expressed in an epic whirlwind to end with a grandiose finale.

Since 1986, six additional tracks have been added, all from the sessions of the time. If these last ones tend to weigh down the album a bit, it is always pleasant for the fan to discover new tracks several years later, in spite of their quality a little lower than the rest of the record. We will especially retain 'Obsession', an epic track with ballad-like qualities and especially the superb 'Where are you running to', a slow track very well highlighted by the acoustic guitars and a very varied vocal.

This "Noble Savage" is therefore a great vintage of Virgin Steele and a good indication of the future musical intentions of the band. It must obviously be in the discotheque of any self-respecting heavy metal fan.

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01. We Rule The Night
02. I`m On Fire
03. Thy Kingdom Come
04. Image Of A Faun At Twilight
05. Noble Savage
06. Fight Tooth And Nail
07. The Evil In Her Eyes
08. Rock Me
09. Don`t Close Your Eyes
10. The Angel Of Light
11. Obsession (it Burns For You)
12. Love And Death
13. Where Are You Running To
14. Come On And Love Me
15. The Spirit Of Steele
16. The Pyre Of Kings
17. Fight Tooth And Nail (Roman Sword Remix)
18. Noble Savage (Early Take and Mix)

David Defeis: Chant / Claviers
Edward Pursino: Guitares
Joe O'Reilly: Basse
Joey Ayvazian: Batterie
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