"This Beggar On A Beach Of Gold is certainly the most beautiful success of Mike + The Mechanics, the one where the osmosis between composers and performers is the most complete."
ABADDON (03.04.2008)  
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In 1995, Mike and the Mechanics released the fourth part of their adventures. After the small slump of their previous album ("Word Of Mouth"), what will be the orientation of the combo? Rather simple pop as in the light "Acting Very Strange" of their leader Mike Rutherford or rather focused on atmospheres like the first productions of the Mechanics?

The tone is given from the very first measures: it will be music more coated by the arrangements than the one presented in "Word Of Mouth", less direct, more sophisticated in its writing and as always, perfectly placed in its instrumentation.

This relative research does not prevent the effectiveness. The first two tracks catch the listener immediately and the hit of the album, 'Over My Shoulder', is not left out. These "little tracks", as we could call them, give irresistibly the desire to beat the measure or to sing.

But in addition to this capacity to scotch the public, the success of the disc holds for much in the quality of the realization of the atmospheres and the balance between the instrumentation and the voices, that it is Paul Carrack, excellent for his progression in 'House Of Many Rooms', Paul Young, all in smoothness in 'Something To Believe In' or still when they put themselves there with two (what an osmosis on You've Got A Hold On Me!)

A particular care has been given to the keyboards arrangements, almost "neo" throughout the record, they are sometimes used to set an atmosphere in two bars, as at the beginning of 'Mea Culpa' (clever use of the stereo on the percussions). The remark would also be valid for the other desks, including the guitar (classical in the bewitching 'Ghost Of Sex And You', electric and distorted in 'Web Of Lies').

This "Beggar On A Beach Of Gold" is certainly the most beautiful success of Mike and the Mechanics, the one where the osmosis between composers and interpreters is the most complete. Only the last track and the minor cover of a Stevie Wonder song (I Believe), spoil the end of the CD a bit. Apart from these two incidents, this album remains of an excellent level, bringing a listening pleasure more than appreciable!
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01. A Beggar On A Beach Of Gold - 04:35
02. Another Cup Of Coffee - 04:42
03. You've Really Got A Hold Of Me - 03:22
04. Mea Culpa - 06:20
05. Over My Shoulder 03:37
06. Someone Always Hates Someone - 03:43
07. The Ghost Of Sex And You - 06:24
08. Web Of Lies - 05:39
09. Plain & Simple - 03:59
10. Something To Believe In - 04:19
11. A House Of Many Rooms - 05:39
12. I Believe ( When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever ) - 03:12

Mike Rutherford: Guitares / Basse
Paul Carrack: Chant / Claviers
Paul Young: Chant
Peter Van Hooke: Batterie
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