Easy-Listening, High-pitched vocals
"Despite its lack of success, this "Wild On The Run" from Tobruk remains an excellent album which should please all the fans of muscular Hard FM."
LOLOCELTIC (11.12.2007)  
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In the list of great musical injustices, the lack of success for Tobruk's first album ranks among the most unbelievable. However, when it was released in 1985, the critics were all more praising than the others, some not hesitating to predict a Bon Jovi-like destiny for these 6 British fans of muscular hard FM. Unfortunately, this one will not succeed in taking off for various extra-musical reasons, and the aficionados of this magnificent album will only find consolation in noting the status of cult album that "Wild On The Run" will finally enjoy.

Relying on a powerful and flawless rhythmic, Tobruk's music shows originality thanks to the important presence of Jem Davies' keyboards put at the same level as the guitars. This last one has an undeniable role in the identity of the group, and if his layers give a depth and a relatively classic heat for this instrument in the Hard FM style, he is also capable of grandiloquent intros on 'She's Nobody's Angel', or intimist on 'Breakdown' or 'Going Down For The Third Time' where he also gratifies us with an airy and full of emotions break, joined in this exercise by his comrades with 6 strings. Finally, he shares with the latter, a sequence of devastating solos on a 'Wild On The Run' to dismantle the cervical vertebrae or on the powerful and festive 'Rebound'.

Don't think that this omnipresence relegates the guitars to the background, the latter sharing powerful and efficient riffs, and solos always adequate to cut any seemingly resistance to this FM hurricane. Finally, Snake, in spite of a high voice that could annoy some of them, shows nevertheless power used wisely, and is also able to vary his register on the more commercial tracks such as 'Falling' or 'She's Nobody's Angel'.

It is a question of 9 titles of top level which constitute this small masterpiece. After having put you through the grinder, they will leave you their choruses in mind for an indefinite period of time, the addiction may well hit you and the listenings will be repeated. We can therefore thank Majestic Rock Records for finally offering us the reissue of this album on CD, especially since the 2 tracks of the first single of the band are offered to us as a bonus, which allows us to note the path taken by the band and its production between these two discographic stages.

01. Wild On The Run - 4:27
02. Falling - 3:57
03. Running From The Night - 3:54
04. Hotline - 3:16
05. Rebound - 4:45
06. Poor Girl - 3:40
07. She's Nobody's Angel - 4:28
08. Breakdown - 3:27
09. Going Down For The Third Time - 5:48
10. Wild On The Run (Radio Edit) (Bonus Track) - 3:48
11. The Show Must Go On (Bonus Track) - 3:32

Eddie Fincher: Batterie
Jem Davis: Claviers
Mick Newman: Guitares
Mike Brown: Basse
Nigel Evans: Guitares
Stuart « Snake » Neil: Chant
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