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"When the sharp riffs of metal meet the sweet innocence of childhood, Aldebert forges "Helldebert", an audacious record that promises to shake up musical conventions for young and old metalheads alike."
CALGEPO (05.07.2024)  
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Aldebert, an artist with an eclectic career path, began his career in metal before turning to traditional French chanson and then devoting himself fully to compositions aimed at young audiences with his "Enfantillages" collection. This initiative, originally envisaged as a secondary project, has become a pillar of his career, thanks to its growing success and his obvious pleasure in creating for the very young.

With "Helldebert", Aldebert fuses his youthful love of metal with his expertise in this specific field. This project, which he sees as the realization of a dream, presents a metal album aimed at both children and their parents. This bold choice reflects his determination not to simplify or water down the genre. On the contrary, it manages to retain the raw, energetic essence of metal, while adapting it to a family context.

The uniqueness of this album is also reflected in the variety and notoriety of the accompanying guests. Iconic figures from the metal scene such as Max Cavalera (Sepultura) and his son Igor Amadeus, Johan Hegg (Amon Amarth), and Serj Tankian (System Of A Down), Ultra Vomit, alongside diverse artists such as Yarol Poupaud, M, and Gautier Serre (Igorrr), all contribute to making the album resonate with authenticity and diversity. Amélie Nothomb, writer and Tool fan, also adds her touch, illustrating the breadth and variety of the collaborations.

The themes of "Helldebert" tackle issues that are both universal and topical, such as school bullying in 'Le Cartel des Cartables' (more thrash), the carefree nature of childhood in 'Les Derniers Pirates' (viking metal), and the lessons of history often ignored by adults in the endearingly oriental 'La Marche Du Monde', emancipation and self-assertion ('La Sorcière'). These serious subjects, even if they seem to push open doors, are treated with maturity, allowing Aldebert to effectively address an audience of all ages. The album also includes some more melodic moments of breath, such as the nostalgic acoustic ballad 'Ça Vaut des Points' and the humorous transformation of 'Super Mamie' into 'Super Momie' (with a little Extreme thrown in), two recurring gimmicks of these "Enfantillages".

"Helldebert" is an uncompromising album, where Aldebert expresses himself fully, risking to destabilize some but betting on captivating many others, especially curious children and their open-minded parents. The album seems ready to meet its public, with the apotheosis of its presence at the inaugural Hellfest Kids this year, celebrating Aldebert 's indelible link with metal, a genre that continues to resonate with the big kids who make up his audience.
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01. Rock'n Roll (feat. Yarol Poupaud)
02. Le Cartel Des Cartables (feat. Max & Igor Cavalera)
03. Les Derniers Pirates (feat. Johan Hegg)
04. La Marche Du Monde (feat. Serj Tankian Et Amélie Nothomb)
05. Guitar Hero (feat. M)
06. Super Momie (feat. Fetus, Niko Jones, Mouss Et Stephane Buriez)
07. L'apprentie Sorcière
08. La Sorcière
09. Ça Vaut Des Points
10. Seum 51 (feat. Charlie, Gabin, Lison & Laure Aldebert)
11. La Princesse (feat. Laura Laune & Gautier Serre)
12. Le Temps De Vivre
13. Croque-mitaine
14. Dr Terreur
15. A Mort La Vie

Aldebert & Co: Chant / Guitares / Basse / Batterie
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Plus que sympathique comme nous avons pu le voir dans Télé Matin.
Un album intelligent pour petits et grands, à écouter en famille. Une franche réussite.
"Helldebert" est un album inattendu que le grand public pourrait penser uniquement à destination d'un jeune public. Il n'en est rien ! L'amateur de metal y trouvera plus que son compte à la faveur de titres qui enregistrent les prestations de Max Cavalera, Johan Hegg et Serj Tankian (rien de moins !)... avec une mention spéciale pour 'Super Momie' avec les frontmen des 4 Gros (avec Stéphane Buriez en lieu et place du leader de No One) et surtout l'excellent 'La princesse' dans lequel on retrouve la folie de l'univers d'Igorrr...
Si on ajoute des titres plus rock -avec -M- ou Yarol Poupaud- outre un sacré casting, "Helldebert" est un sacré album ! A découvrir (7/10)
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4/5 (3 view(s))
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