Groovy, Melancholic, Rasping vocals
"With "Cry", Somewhere City creates a sensation with a remarkable album of grunge and alternative rock, already asserting its singularity by freeing itself from American influences."
CALGEPO (27.03.2024)  
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Indria Saray, a multi-faceted musician, has been multiplying his collaborations over the last few years, with Alcest and Francesco And The Black Swan among others. In addition to his role as a bassist with a husky voice, he has not forgotten to nurture his own artistic aspirations, notably with his personal project, Somewhere City. After a first EP that transformed this project into a full-fledged band, the album "Cry" was born, presented in the form of a dazzling cover depicting a moon illuminating a child in full inspiration, one of the most striking images in a long time.

"Cry" is a skilfully executed exercise in style, exploring grunge and alternative rock, with strong Pearl Jam influences. The Seattle sound permeates the album, scrupulously respecting the organic and historical aspect of this iconic music. There's no artifice here: the guitars are powerful, the rhythm is masterful, and the vocal lines are rough, reminiscent of Eddie Vedder's voice. Yet Somewhere City doesn't simply imitate the reference, but goes far beyond it, offering a denser, more personal orientation.

The very structure of the album contributes to this immersive experience. As the album progresses, the compositions lengthen, giving way to light-and-dark instrumental developments. The climax is reached with the captivating sequence of 'Hopes And Dreams' and 'Décember Soul', alternating between a dynamic, groovy composition with sprawling riffs, and a concluding track that is darker but leads towards the light in its final minutes.

The angry, snarling arrangements are present right from the opening with 'The Fallen One', but Somewhere City doesn't stop there. The album explores a variety of atmospheres, from progressive ('Hero', reminiscent of Alcest's influence) and incandescent breaks ('A Million Nights', superbly constructed) to the bold use of French in 'Lost In Somewhere City', evoking the timbre of Alain Bashung. The band also demonstrate their ability to be direct and effective with tracks such as 'Better', adding welcome diversity to the whole.

With "Cry", Somewhere City creates a sensation by delivering a remarkable album of grunge and alternative rock, already asserting his singularity by freeing themselves from American influences. It's an undeniable masterstroke, testifying to the genuine talent of a band that has everything it takes to become exceptional.
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01. The Fallen One
02. Cry
03. Lost In Somewhere City
04. Better
05. Another Day
06. The Woodwoman
07. Saul
08. Hero
09. A Million Nights
10. Hopes And Dreams
11. December Soul

Indria Saray: Chant
Julien Lamarre: Guitares
Rémi Brard: Basse
Yann Lerousseau: Batterie
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