"If you're a fan of revival Rock, Des Rocs offers you this "Dream Machine" that's sure to surprise you."
TORPEDO (29.01.2024)  
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With his Elvis Presley haircut, thick sunglasses and youthful face, it might be tempting not to take Daniel Rocco seriously. But that would be a mistake. For despite a career in its infancy, with a debut album released in 2021, the man better known under the group name Des Rocs is already demonstrating interesting songwriting skills and a strong identity. A fan of rock revival, in 2023 he presents us with his second album, 'Dream Machine', a fair balance between inspirations from the past and modernity, produced by Alain Johannes (Queens of the Stone Age, Them Crooked Vultures).

As a great admirer of Queen and Muse, the opening track 'Dream Machine' is a friendly nod to the two legendary bands that shaped his musical childhood. Unbridled and a little chaotic, the track already contains all the characteristics that will be found throughout the album: hypnotic riffs, vocal harmonies, noisy guitars, frenzied solos and superb expressive vocals that are sure to surprise.

If Des Rocs himself had fun describing his music as "Bedroom Rock Arena", it's because there's something for everyone. The artist doesn't hesitate to blur the lines with tracks inspired by a variety of sources, including the heavy, groovy 'I Am the Lightning', 'Natural Born Thriller' and its bayou blues, the ZZ Top-style classic rock 'Bad Blood' and the radio-friendly 'Never Ending Moment'. Yet at no point does the feeling of listening to disjointed content come to mind, a success we certainly owe to the coherent, slightly old-fashioned sound and the balanced arrangement and composition work that allows each track to breathe via breaks or accelerations.

While the vocals are obviously the strong point of the various tracks, the instruments are very well represented, particularly the drums, which are given a special place and offer a number of patterns to liven up the compositions. This is the case on the massive 'White Gold', but above all on the jewel in the crown of this 'Dream Machine', 'In The Night', the track that could almost be described as epic, so it is unexpected and well-constructed. Des Rocs is imperial and inhabited here, the different parts flowing naturally with the element at each stage - a solo, a break, a drum or bass pattern - that brings a new sensation and takes the song to a new level of intensity.

Pierre Corneille said to Rodrigue in Le Cid that "the value does not wait for the number of years", a quotation that could very well apply to Des Rocs whose work on 'Dream Machine' exudes talent and passion. Not everything is perfect yet, the inspirations are sometimes obvious without being overpowering, but for a second album, the result is truly impressive.
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01. Dream Machine
02. I Am The Lightning
03. White Gold
04. Nowhere Kid
05. Never Ending Moment
06. Bad Blood
07. Natural Born Thriller
08. In The Night
09. Up To You

Daniel Rocco: Chant / Guitares / Claviers
Eric Mendelsohn: Basse
William Tully: Batterie
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