"By fusing metal with traditional Indian music on "Rakshak", Bloodywood creates an extraordinary musical experience."
RHUM1 (02.11.2023)  
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Bloodywood is the audacious project born from the deranged brain of Karan Katiyar, who skilfully blends modern metal and neo-metal with elements of traditional Indian music. Already responsible in 2017 for an album, "Anti-Pop vol.1", of covers of pop songs with a Metal sauce, the recipe is working so well that the band is notably invited to perform at the famous Wacken Open Air in 2019. The next step was to write an album of previously unreleased tracks, "Rakshak".

To manage this project, Karan Katiyar - the guitarist and flautist - joined forces with Jayan Bhadula, in charge of guttural Indian vocals, rapper Raoul Kerr (Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda is not far off at times), a rhythm section comprising Roshan Roy on bass and Vishesh Singh on drums, and Sarthak Phawa on dohol (traditional drum).

Bloodywood invites us to a sonic feast where the delicacy of an Indian flute blends with transcendental rap flows, ruthless guttural vocals, heavy riffs and bewitching melodies straight from Hindustan. The lyrics, sung in both Hindi/Punjabi and English, take us out of our comfort zone: "Rakshak" is like eating apple pie curry at a metal concert!

The first notes of 'Gaddaar', which opens the album with Indian folk sounds, plunge us straight into the streets of New Delhi, but the band soon unveil their improbable recipe of traditional Indian music and heavy metal inspirations. In a similar vein, the explosive 'Machi Bhasad' leaves no respite, with its blistering guitars, frenetic dhol and two delirious singers.

Another standout track is 'Aaj', which starts calmly with an Indian flute and is suddenly swept away by roaring guitars and rap phrasing, taking the listener on a whirlwind dance that even Bollywood couldn't have imagined. Finally, it's impossible not to mention 'Dana-Dan', a djent-sounding track whose typical syncopated riff is transformed into vocals in the chorus, which is sure to bring a smile to the face of any fan of the genre who has tried his hand at it.

Bloodywood falls somewhere between the creative madness of bands like Skindred or Dirty Shirt and the epic grandeur of The Hu to create a unique sound. In this spirit, Bloodywood adds its own touch by fusing metal with traditional Indian music, creating an extraordinary musical experience.
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01. Gaddaar - 4:44
02. Aaj - 5:00
03. Zanjeero Se - 4:11
04. Machi Bhasad (Album Version) - 4:00
05. Dana Dan - 4:54
06. Jee Veerey (Album Version) - 4:38
07. Endurant (Album Version) - 4:46
08. BSDK.exe - 4:55
09. Yaad (Album Version) - 5:40
10. Chakh Le - 4:25

Jayant Bhadula: Chant
Karan Katiyar: Guitares / Flûte
Raoul Kerr: Chant
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