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"Soul Claim's "Some Say I Am The Devil" is an energetic rock album that's a pleasure to listen to, with its variety, density and sometimes daring ideas."
CALGEPO (11.01.2024)  
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Soul Claim is a duo that has evolved over the last few years. Founded in 2019, the group has undergone a line-up change with the addition of Francesca Luce to the project, taking over from Elsa, who has been with the group since its inception. The band's rock is stripped down to its simplest form, direct, festive and unadorned, drawing on the experience Thomas has gained from his previous metal and progressive metal bands and the presence of the new singer. This colour is felt in the production, which sounds very garage, authentic and sincere in its approach, but also in the compositions themselves.

Originally an album evoking the devil hiding in what surrounds us, the concept has evolved slightly to evoke the obstacles that prevent us from living events to the full. It has to be said that the Covid crisis, which turned people's minds upside down, may have led the band to take a broader view of their subject. This conceptual aspect, often rightly or wrongly correlated with progressive, is musically reflected in 'Some Say I Am The Devil' and in Francesca's interpretation, who has fun with her vocal lines, particularly on the eponymous track and on 'Water Dance'. The fact that she dramatises her performances adds an extra dimension to this album, which is quite dense, with 13 tracks and 46 minutes. It's a rather risky choice in an industry where the standard is to offer more and more concise albums, but the band know how to vary the pleasures. At times, you'll find yourself in a surprising cabaret atmosphere ('The Door'), or in Hawaii with the beginning of 'Cry' on ukulele.

The base is blues-rock, with the occasional metallic guitar note ('Bam Bam Bam', the fine mid-tempo solo on 'Some Say I Am The Devil'), or jolts from the guitarist's past ('Scars' and its sometimes symphonic atmosphere, which could have done with a little more epic flourish, the keyboard being a little too under-mixed). The piano notes also add an element of lightness that allows the album to be peppered with more soothing moments ('Hallelujah'). Almost all the songs are in English, no doubt a natural choice, but beware of the accent, which will have to be perfected in the future if this orientation is maintained, especially for the male vocals - even if this fault is hardly perceptible, the voices blending together more often than not.

"Some Say I Am The Devil" is a pleasant first album to listen to, with its variety, its sometimes daring choices, its energy and its sincere approach. With ideas channelled a little more clearly and a fuller production, there's no doubt that the Soul Claim duo will wreak havoc, provided the devil doesn't stop them evolving. Rest assured, the group is armed to overcome any obstacles and happily share their music with us.
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01. Bam Bam Bam
02. Get in with Ease
03. Some Say I Am The Devil
04. Bleed
05. Water Dance
06. The Door
07. Scars
08. Hallelujah
09. Cry
10. Punch Me
11. Song of Anarchy
12. Soul Claim
13. Bite the Beat

Francesca Luce: Chant / Ukulele
Thomas “s33k” Letscher: Chant / Guitares
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