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"Drawing on the grunge and 70's elements of its predecessor, "Dreams Of Yesterday" sees Heavy Water once again seeking a fully assertive artistic direction."
LOLOCELTIC (12.01.2024)  
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Buoyed by Biff Byford's popularity, "Red Brick City", the debut album from Heavy Water, the combo formed by the Saxon frontman and his son Seb, attracted the curiosity of a large number of fans of the NWOBHM legend. With influences ranging from the 70s to grunge, this album released during the lockdown was as sympathetic as it was dubious about its lack of coherence. Now, two years later, the Byford gang are back with 'Dreams Of Yesterday', with the onerous task of both confirming the hopes raised by its predecessor and erasing its flaws.

Launched by its eponymous title track, this new offering seems to follow in the footsteps of its predecessor, with a heavy, bluesy riff and a chorus that's both melancholy and catchy, giving us great hope for the future. Heavy Water uses the same ingredients as on the first part of "Red Brick City", and reinforces the impact of its compositions with a strong production. Only the bouncy 'Don't Take It For Granded' brightens up the heavy, dark atmosphere, with father and son sharing the vocals. The whole thing is unfailingly effective, right through to the poignant, crepuscular 'Never Love Again', even if the groove of classic rock 'Shadows Of Life' had previously slightly disturbed the ambient darkness.

Massive without being too monolithic, this first part has all the makings of a dazzling confirmation of the prospects glimpsed in 2021. And yet, without understanding why or how, we're plunged into a light, punkish rock that's likely to destabilise many a listener. Straightforward, unadorned and engaging, 'Another Day' stands out from to its predecessor and take the listener aback, especially as it's followed by a bevy of upbeat, frenzied tracks. And the pop-rock ballad 'Life To Live' is no exception. Yet this soothing gentleness is clear proof of Seb's progress as a singer.

So, once again, we're left with mixed feelings after listening to a talented and engaging work whose direction remains mysterious. Perhaps a real alternation between the two styles would have made the contrast easier, but the mid-album shift is too abrupt to be persuasive. While it confirms Heavy Water's talent, "Dreams Of Yesterday" is still a testament to a band in search of a fully asserted artistic identity. 
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01. Dreams Of Yesterday - 3:36
02. Don't Take It For Granted - 3:32
03. How Much Can You Take? - 4:12
04. Castaway - 4:38
05. Shadows Of Life - 2:20
06. Never Love Again - 4:57
07. Another Day - 2:30
08. Be My Saviour - 2:53
09. Chain Reaction - 3:25
10. Life To Live - 3:37

Biff Byford: Chant / Basse
Seb Byford: Chant / Guitares
Tom Witts: Batterie
Callum Witts: Claviers / Invité
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