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"With the beautiful "Until We Meet Again", Kaz Hawkins, confident in her talent and more at peace, offers us an album full of hope and emotion, which sounds like a new beginning."
NEWF (16.06.2023)  
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"France has brought me peace". This is what Kaz Hawkins told us in an interview for the release of her compilation "My Life And I", which celebrated her entry into the DixieFrog catalog. It was love at first sight for many French fans of the blue note, who were delighted to discover that the greatest living soul blues singer had taken up residence on their soil. And indeed, "Until We Meet Again", her very first album recorded entirely in France, sounds like a new beginning. If she never forgets her history and her demons (how could she?), at least the child of Belfast now manages to deal with them. That's what strikes you immediately on first listen to this hopeful and emotional "Until We Meet Again", on which Kaz Hawkins offers us eight new compositions and two revisited old tracks ('The River That Sings', 'Don't Make Mama Cry').

Kaz's unreal voice may be familiar by now, but it's still impossible to resist his emotional power, and from the very first bars of the gospel 'Pray To', the chill that runs down our spines is very real indeed. Kaz Hawkins knows her power to bewitch. She uses and abuses it to leave us speechless with admiration. With unparalleled talent, she flies over all her favourite styles with class, taking care never to overdo it, putting herself first and foremost at the service of the songs. From rhythm and blues ('Hold On For Home') to pop ('Get Up And Go', 'Get The Jack From The Bottle'), from acoustic folk ('Lonely Boy') to the moving ballads she's known for ('Standing Tall', 'I Gotta Be Me'), Kaz Hawkins exudes feeling, groove and soul like no other singer on today's blues scene.

But if "Until We Meet Again" sounds like a new beginning, it's also thanks to the musicians who surround the soul diva. Kaz has a real band to accompany her, a close-knit, dedicated group to whom she gives plenty of space to express herself, and who return the favor a hundredfold. Guitarist Stef Paglia's many contributions are particularly noteworthy, and his precise, melodic solos add even more warmth and musicality to compositions that become more and more addictive with each passing listen.

"Until We Meet Again" is the album of the rebirth of a great artist. Kaz Hawkins, confident of her talent and more at peace with herself, once again proves her resilience and strength of character. A strength she puts at the service of an eclectic, unvarnished music that immediately finds its way to the heart and soul. The only regret is that this beautiful album doesn't include any piano-vocals, a style in which the singer excels. Wouldn't that be a good idea for a future album?
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01. Play To
02. Get Up And Go
03. The River That Sings
04. Hold On For Home
05. Lonely Boy
06. Until We Meet Again
07. Don't Make Mama Cry
08. Standing Tall
09. I Gotta Be Me
10. Get The Jack From The Bottle

Amaury Blanchard: Batterie
Cédric Le Goff: Claviers
Julien Boisseau: Basse
Kaz Hawkins: Chant
Stef Paglia: Guitares
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Kaz Hawkins, après l 'excellent "My Life and I" remet le couvert !. "Until we meet again "est un excellent album de blues et de soul. L' Irlandaise, toujours signée chez l 'excellent label français Dixiefrog ( cocorico !)nous livre un excellent album de soul et de blues. Avec sa voix puissante, elle fait partie avec Beth Hart ou encore Shemekia Copeland des toutes meilleures dans le genre. Alors ce serait dommage de passer à côté d 'une telle rencontre, comme elle nous le propose si gentiment avec cet album ! 4/5
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