Dissonant, Female vocals, Funky, Intimist, Melancholic
"For his first album "The Best Is Yet to Be", Deleo walks us between new wave and intimate pop."
ADRIANSTORK (06.04.2023)  
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Deleo is a French band from Montpellier. Founded in 2018 by guitarist Denis Navarro, the band suffered the full force of the global blast caused by Covid 19 when they had just caught the ear of British producer James Sanger (U2, Manic Street Preachers, Madonna). There are still records of this encounter, but Deleo was almost left out in the cold. However, a pandemic was not going to stop Denis Navarro who, with the help of producer Philippe Uminski, put together a new line-up and finally released his first album, "The Best Is Yet To Be".

This title is a bit curious, as if the band was apologizing in advance for its present mistakes. Of course, one could think of this title as a tribute to Frank Sinatra, but knowing the band's style, this reference would be rather comical and irrelevant. For Deleo seem to have ingested a lot of indie rock, but mostly cold wave and new wave, a bit too much at times to really stand out from their influences. Right from the start, 'Notice', sits below the bubbling volcano, with guitars and bass swirling forward to create some truly tormented moments. 'You Feel' and 'Satellite' incorporate funk elements to provide a rather judicious (and enjoyable) dance direction. Calm tracks follow slightly more agitated ones, with a very convincing 'Going Home'. This dichotomy within the album weighs down the whole and prevents total adhesion by killing any surprise effect, especially at the end of the album, whose length is extended without really convincing, adding some redundant tracks (the very haunting and dispensable 'Game Lover').

The voice of the new female singer reminds of Téradélie or Liz Fraser with sometimes accents of Dolores O'Riordan (The Cranberries) on the quietest tracks. The French accent is quite noticeable, but it doesn't detract from the overall charm of the album. On 'Lonesome Traveler', Emilie takes some risks by playing with hard vocals and plaintive vocals.

This first album of Deleo is quite pleasant to listen to despite some youthful flaws. The band knows how to create heavy and melancholic atmospheres without being leaden with influences close to cold wave and indie rock. A very encouraging start, but Denis Navarro's band had warned us: the best is yet to come. Story to follow...
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01. Notice - 04:47
02. Cosmic - 03:55
03. You Feel - 04:01
04. Back To Hell - 03:30
05. Reason - 04:27
06. Going Home - 04:39
07. Mythomania - 04:58
08. Unfair - 03:55
09. Satellite - 04:17
10. Lonesome Traveler - 03:40
11. Game Lover - 04:19
12. Satellite - 04:17

Denis Navarro: Guitares
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Une musique plus qu'intéressante, nourrie aux bonnes effluves de la new-wave des années 80/90, malheureusement gâchée par un chant trop souvent faux.
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