80's, Concept-album, Dissonant, Electro, Female vocals, Intimist, Melancholic, Theatrical
"Laura Crutch's first solo album under the Slave To Sin banner, "Dead Inside" invites us to an escapade in industrial darkness."
ADRIANSTORK (21.02.2023)  
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Laura Crutch is an adventurer. The young woman from Lyon, intoxicated by music, has multiplied her appearances and projects in all genres and styles: neo-romantic new wave from the 80s with Jeune Cadre Romantique or electro with the duo Norron. This time, the musician, under the name of Slave To Sin, crosses the mirror alone to bring us into the industrial world of "Dead Inside". The album is based on a concept that takes Eros and Thanatos as witnesses of philosophical but also religious reflections, applied to a rather morbid daily life.

Like a Trent Reznor, the young woman composed and interpreted all the songs. She also designed the rather scary cover which seems to reveal to the listener what he or she will become when listening to this album: a journey into a skull-shaped cave (or metaphorically into the human psyche). The opus gives pride of place to industrial sounds reminiscent of Nine Inch Nails, Front 242 or even Einsturzende Neubauten. Let's say it right away, listening to it is not a relaxing experience. The rather aggressive industrial rock aspect is certainly temporized by the contribution of the keyboards which are a bit brighter, but it doesn't make you smile and reveals Slave To Sin's intentions from the start.

The latter often reshuffles the cards, as on 'Disappear', whose looming threat is somewhat softened by oriental sounds. 'Cold As Hell' could be the soundtrack to an Italian horror film in the style of Goblin, while 'Storm In My Heart' is a venomous ballad. The album's climax, 'Masquerade', gives way to an asphyxiating atmosphere carried by sharp guitar riffs, a swirling keyboard gimmick and a veiled voice, with only the piano providing a little light. Judging by some of the tracks ('Cold As Hell', 'Love The Wrong Way'), opposites can coexist in harmony!

Nevertheless, some tracks turn out to be a bit boring where the first tracks multiplied the surprises ('My Doomsday Lover' despite its qualities looks like a pastiche of the genre, 'Slave To God' is redundant). The vocals are quite surprising, certainly aggressive but with enough clarity and softness to serve as a lantern in the darkness. We can also feel the spectre of a Mona Soyoc (KaS Produkt), with some well-felt theatrical effects.
Laura Crutch's eclecticism is obvious and fans of electro, rock and indus will enjoy it. Despite some redundancies, "Dead Inside" is a concept album recommended to all lovers of adventurous and ambitious music. Laura Crutch is a musician to follow.
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01. Dead Inside - 04:07
02. Disappear - 04:22
03. Love The Wrong Way - 04:12
04. New World - 04:52
05. Masquerade - 03:33
06. Endless Fight - 03:00
07. Doomsday Lover - 03:12
08. Embrace - 03:30
09. Cold as Hell - 03:48
10. Storm In My Heart - 04:33
11. Slave To God - 04:54
12. Dead Inside (Insidub Remix) - 03:40

Laura Crutch: Chant / Guitares / Basse / Claviers / Batterie
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