""Deviant" is a high quality record in which Elyose totally assumes its new electro metal aesthetic between power and softness."
THIBAUTK (14.03.2023)  
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Elyose, a French band first known as a symphonic metal quartet with a female singer, has produced some nice but not necessarily outstanding albums. On the occasion of "Persona", Justine Daaé decided to continue the adventure alone, her companions having left to found Kalyss. Nothing stops the young woman who carries the project on her shoulders and changes the musical orientation for an electro metal mixed with industrial sounds, rage and symphonic melodies. Wandering on the edge of cybernetic progressive and adorned with a theatrical lyricism, "Déviante" displays a know-how for melodies and dark ambiences on a French lyrics background.

The voice would not be as strong without a solid instrumental base. The riffs of 'Ils t'ont dit' are colourful, terrifying and nervous and the drums are overpowering. This is a good track with electro notes and a catchy chorus. 'Le Glaive' is based on artificial sounds, a powerful riff and vocals bathed in sensuality and acidic sweetness. Finally, 'Vendredi Noir' is a track with a strong social message, with sharp riffs and a voice that at times verges on rap. Between intense passages and electronic disorientation, it depicts a journey between mechanical dream and authentic nightmare.

The artificial dressing is very present, notably on 'L'assemblée' which is positioned between electro and industrial metal and proposes a snarling vocal counterbalanced by smooth vocals. 'From the Moon to the Earth' leaves more room for tenderness and softness with an electronic dressing that totally fits its sweaty atmosphere.

The melodies are numerous. On 'Retour Au Réel', the voice surfs over oriental flavoured harmonies. This track is a kind of punch in which the drums shine with its double pedal play and skilful caesura. Finally, 'Déviante' is deceptively sensual and gentle, as there are many rhythmic changes and the vocals soothe the violence of a very nervous guitar.

Elyose offers a high quality record where power rubs shoulders with softness and sensuality. As much as "Persona" was surprising but still seemed hesitant, "Deviant" totally assumes its new aesthetic. Here is a modern, intelligent, varied and energetic record, a nice surprise for the beginning of the year. 

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01. Ils t’ont dit
02. Le glaive
03. Vendredi noir
04. L’emblème
05. Retour au réel
06. Humaine
07. Déviante
08. L’assemblée
09. De la lune à la terre
10. Retour au réel (Radio Mix)

Anthony Chognard: Guitares / Batterie
Justine Daaé: Chant / Claviers / Programmation
Cocozher: Chant / Invité
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