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"Between Hard Rock and Melodic Metal, this "Operation Phoenix" confirms the potential of Crowne, a band that has not finished to be talked about."
LYNOTT (03.02.2023)  
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When Kings In The North, Crowne's debut album, was released two years ago, Music Waves announced this new Nordic band was promising. The tide of followers who have been following him these last few months has not contradicted our words. This newcomer in the melodic hard rock family comes back today with his new album "Operation Phoenix", to confirm all the good that we can think of it.

The Swedes are as much into hard rock as metal and even AOR. This is not surprising considering their background. Traipsing through Art Nation, H.E.A.T., Dynazty, Europe and The Poodles leaves its mark. Love Magnusson, the guitarist of Dynazty, will not affirm the contrary, he is now also in charge of the rhythm guitar whereas he only played the solos on the first record. This strengthened presence brings to the compositions an undeniable enhancement in their impact.

Thus, "Operation Phoenix" turns out to be a real success as powerful as melodious. But how do all these bands from the cold go about it to endlessly conceive Homeric melodies that so easily grab the listener? This work does not leave any respite. The foot on the gas pedal, in a register that is now more metal than hard rock, Crowne will only let you breathe on 'Northern Lights', a sort of catchy Celtic march that closes the album.

Before that, ten tracks, each one more addictive than the other, lead the audience into a difficult challenge to determine which one deserves a place on the podium. Between the frantic rhythms, the sharp soli, the Dantean choruses, Strandell's really solid voice with lyrical intonations and the wickedly enticing choruses, one doesn't know where to put one's ear. Let's quote 'Just Believe' which mixes the energy of Eclipse with melodic Nordic folk fragrances worthy of Abba, and the heavy 'Champions' close to Bonfire, the romantic and fiery 'Juliette', the Amaranthe-like 'Super Trooper' and the warlike 'In The Name Of The Fallen', at the borderline of power metal.

Crowne has struck again, "Operation Phoenix" is a masterpiece and should certainly reach the charts summits of the hard rock/ melodic metal category of the 2023 year. They deserve it !
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01. Operation Phoenix
02. Champions
03. In The Name Of The Fallen
04. Super Trooper
05. Ready To Run
06. Juliette
07. The Last Of Us
08. Just Believe
09. Roar
10. Victorious
11. Northern Lights

Alexander Strandell: Chant
Christian Lundqvist: Batterie
John Levén: Basse
Jona Tee : Guitares / Claviers
Love Magnusson: Guitares
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