Female vocals, Growl, Low vocals
"100% female, Konvent gives birth to a sinister and frightening "Call Down The Sun", a mausoleum in which the most authoritative death doom and the most negative black are mated."
CHILDERIC THOR (19.09.2022)  
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Two years ago, "Puritan Masochism" pleasantly surprised us. And doubly so. On the one hand, thanks to its 100% female line-up, a format that is not so frequent, especially in death metal. Spotted by Napalm Records, the band could have been only a commercial and teasing product within a metal scene a bit macho. But this is not the case and far from being reduced to a bunch of pretty faces, the Danish girls of Konvent are to be taken seriously, not having to be ashamed of the comparison with their male colleagues. Which leads us to the second reason.

In a cavernous death doom metal genre, their first album plunged into the abyss of a coal field with no hope of return with a cheeky skill and the right darkness. In short, behind their pretty faces, the Konvent are not really joking. And those who thought that they would not transform the test will be for their expenses.

Not only, "Call Down The Sun" is even better, even more orgasmic, but it also sounds even more Doom. It is very simple, never the young women let filter the least ray of light. Reminding Dutch masters that are Asphyx or Bunkur, they sink body and soul in an ashen mass of which they stir the funereal mass with a granite chisel. We defy anyone to guess the feminine nature of this speleological vocals cutting in the ground of suffocating crevasses. Rumbling with a force coming from the abysses of the earth, Rikke Emilie List is capable of making the walls tremble.

If "Puritant Masochism" shone with timid melodic gleams, its successor swallows as for him any trace of life and hope, monolithic block whose hermetic power fascinates and is not without oozing a subterranean beauty which flows out of these mineral and austere walls. Trembling under the blows of a charcoal rhythmic ('Sand Is King'), "Call Down The Sun" is stuck in a black tide irrigated by guitars with a taste of ashes ('Grains'). Heavy and funerary, 'Into The Distance' perforates the rock of a swarming darkness. Morbid and almost hypnotic in their granular immobility, the following complaints have something of successive steps towards the entrails of the unspeakable of which the vertiginous 'Fatamorgana' incarnates the crawling and ankylosed G point. Only the terminal 'Harena' sacrifices a little of this unfathomable darkness by proposing pale melodies.

Frozen by an inexorable spleen, the Danes do not really get better. On the contrary, they sculpt in a sepulchral belly a cathedral of pain whose reptilian buttresses vibrate with a sententious force. In doing so, Konvent delivers with the well named "Call Down The Sun" a mausoleum in which the most authoritative death doom and the most negative black are mated.
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01. Into The Distance - 05:23
02. Sand Is King - 04:12
03. In The Soot - 04:52
04. Grains - 06:05
05. Fatamorgana - 05:54
06. Interlude - 02:00
07. Never Rest - 05:39
08. Pipe Dreams - 04:05
09. Harena - 07:13

Heidi Withington Brink: Basse
Julie Simonsen: Batterie
Rikke Emilie List: Chant
Sara Helena Norregaard: Guitares
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