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"A solid album but lacking the little spark needed to make it a must-have, "March Of The Obsequious" nevertheless confirms the quality of the dark heavy metal of Tad Morose."
LOLOCELTIC (22.05.2023)  
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To all those who didn't see him rising from his ashes after Urban Breed's departure, Tad Morose has been trying hard to prove them wrong since his return to the business in 2013. Still masterfully led by Christer Andersson and now with Ronny Hemlin as frontman, the Swedish quintet is nevertheless struggling to establish itself at the forefront of the heavy metal scene. Tenth opus of the combo, and fourth since its reformation, "March Of The Obsequious" will try to break the glass ceiling which its authors seem to face since three decades.

Endowed with a production as powerful, massive and efficient as ever, the newcomer of the Bollnäs' discography starts off with an eponymous track combining big riff, double pedal and catchy chorus. This last point having often been one of the main weak points of the band, here is what brings a little optimism for the continuation. And it is true that this album does not miss assets, being sometimes theatrical ('Witches Dance'), borrowing an intensity worthy of Dio during the monumental 'Pandemonium', or venturing on more melodic and cinematic territories such as those on which Queensrÿche reigned in its great time ('Phantasm').

Unfortunately, these good intentions turn out to be insufficient although they translate a flawless quality, either on the level of the compositions or the interpretation. However, Andersson & Co. don't seem to be far from tipping over to the good side of the border separating them from the most prominent formations of the genre. They even go as far as integrating melodeath elements on 'Escape', which is worthy of their compatriots In Flames. Added to the different elements mentioned above, this point allows the Scandinavians to avoid a too great linearity which handicapped several of their previous releases.

It remains for Tad Morose to find the little something more that will allow him to reach summits that seem within reach. A work on the level of the choruses could be a track to make more catchy compositions. "March Of The Obsequious" remains a solid base on which to lean to make the dark heavy metal of the Swedes reach the higher level they deserve to join thanks to their talent and their perseverance.
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01. March Of The Obsequious - 3:45
02. Witches Dance - 4:51
03. Pandemonium - 3:26
04. Phantasm - 3:50
05. Dying - 4:31
06. Escape - 3:53
07. A Trail Of Sins - 3:49
08. A Quilt Of Shame - 3:24
09. Legion - 3:57
10. This Perfect Storm - 4:17

Christer "krunt" Andersson: Guitares
Markus Albertsson: Guitares
Peter Morén: Batterie
Ronny Hemlin: Chant
Tommy Karppanen: Basse
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