""Heir To Anger" is a personal and touching work highlighted by a melodic death metal at the same time melancholic and scathing."
DARIALYS (20.07.2022)  
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The tragedies experienced in the course of one's life are all crucial steps to overcome in order to continue one's path. When Thomas Guédon lost his wife in 2013, it was through music that he transcended his pain and anger. He joins as a keyboard player the alternative/progressive metal band Nothing But Echoes in 2017, but the emotions of our musician materialize rather under the genre that will have seen him grow up, the death metal. This is how the Opal Insight project was born, whose name refers to the uncertainty of life and the mixture of emotions that emerges from it.

He then enlists his colleague Julien Le Du (bass) with whom he officiates on the side of Nothing But Echoes, Tibo Pfeifer (guitarist in Lux Incerta, a doom metal band) and finally Quentin Regnault, drummer in many bands including Aro Ora and Wrath Of The Nebula. As Thomas confides in his interview for Music Waves, Opal Insight corresponds to what we commonly call a side project, but although this project is more recreational, there is no question for our guitarist to skimp on the means or to have a less serious approach.

Thus, as well on the visual level as on the musical one, the first thing which strikes is the general maturity which emerges from this album. The absolutely sublime visual is signed Came Roy de Rat and perfectly emphasizes the darkness of the band's words. Musically, the tone is somewhere between Paradise Lost, Opeth and Swallow The Sun with a slow, powerful and often melodic death metal, with a low tone and a modern production.

The instrumental and eponymous intro 'Heir To Anger' announces the color with its mysterious and peaceful atmosphere. A marvel of composition. The rest of the album is much agressive, with alternating throaty and clear vocals, heavy drums and beastly guitars, always with a kind of dark and gloomy aesthetics in the background, like on the beginning of 'A Ghost In My Arms', again brilliant. Tibo Pfeiffer's voice warms the hearts on the first verse before exploding with a Dantesque growl.

Opal Insight also takes the time to set the moods, as on 'Whispers From The Flames' and its ten minutes, varying the atmospheres in which the listener surrenders and is transported. Many tracks are also imbued with a haunting nostalgia like 'Deer Skin' which reminds us of Swallow The Sun at times, or even an explosive anger like on the beginning of 'Veil Of Anguish'. But it is also in the instrumental lulls that the group stands out, in particular on the end of 'For Her' or on 'Délivrance' with their enigmatic, sometimes threatening sounds.

At the end of the album, this jumble of emotions that Thomas could feel during these last ten years comes out. His sensitivity allows him to sublimate this emotional overflow by channelling it in the most beautiful way and by leading to the creation of a personal and touching work.

Although Opal Insight is only a side project at this stage, there is only one thing to wish to our friends from Nantes: that they go as far as possible as this first work is remarkable.

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01. Heir to Anger - 03:01
02. Veil of Anguish - 07:23
03. Deer Skin - 06:18
04. A Ghost in My Arms - 07:43
05. Whispers from the Flames - 10:34
06. Death's Breath - 05:21
07. For Her - 07:24
08. Delivrance - 01:36

Julien Le Du: Basse
Quentin Regnault: Batterie
Thomas Guédon: Guitares
Tibo Pfeiffer: Chant / Guitares
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