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"In spite of some dazzling moments, "Detroit Muscle" is a globally botched and disappointing album."
LOLOCELTIC (25.07.2022)  
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The release of a new Ted Nugent album is always an event. Although the Detroit giant hasn't offered us anything transcendent for a long time, he always makes the news with his particularly sharp public positions, which we won't go over again. Approaching his 74th birthday and recovering from a Covid that didn't spare him, Uncle Ted comes back with his sixteenth studio opus whose title is an answer to Alice Cooper who seems to have voluntarily forgotten him during his recent "Detroit Stories".

Two things strike the listener from the beginning of the listening of this "Detroit Muscle" with its eponymous title. The first one is negative and concerns the production which is clearly not up to the legend of the man. Of course, the Nuge has the habit of not really taking into account what the others can think, but he could still have proposed something else than this sound that sometimes seems to come out of a garage. The second thing that catches the attention more positively is the energy that the Motor City Madman shows at his age. Despite the exhausted cliché of a roaring engine intro, 'Detroit Muscle' throws in its incisive, raging riff and a series of great soli. 

This wild energy, if it returns in a sporadic way afterwards, remains concentrated on a beginning of album which does not shine by its originality. With its old school hard rock'n'roll, 'Born In The Motor City' could have easily been on the first Sweaty Teddy's albums, as well as the catchy 'Just Leave Me Alone' with its light Rolling Stones touches. The problem is that Ted Nugent seems once again to botch the work whereas he had all the elements in hand to finally offer us a great album. Between a great majority of tracks barely exceeding two minutes, some pieces of limited interest ('Drivin' Blind' too close to ZZ Top), and others on which the Nuge starts to bellow to try to hide a track whose punkish energy quickly goes in circles ('Feedback Grindfire'), the listener alternates highs and lows.

The whole ends on a new replay of the U.S. anthem ('Star Spangled Banner') summing up the limited inspiration (or motivation) of a Ted Nugent whose real motivations are difficult to identify. Is "Detroit Muscle" a real album released to pay tribute to his city? A simple answer to Alice Cooper? A discographic release of more to recall that Uncle Ted is above all an artist? It's hard to know. On the other hand, what is clear is that, despite a few dazzling moments, this opus remains globally disappointing and that it has few chances to beat "Cat Scratch Fever" when it comes to choosing an album of the Nuge.

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01. Detroit Muscle - 2:07
02. Come And Take It - 2:33
03. Born In The Motor City - 2:16
04. American Campfire - 2:29
05. Drivin’ Blind - 4:04
06. Just Leave Me Alone - 2:33
07. Alaska - 4:00
08. Winterspring Summerfall - 3:13
09. Leave The Lights On - 3:52
10. Feedback Grindfire - 3:14
11. Starspangled Banner - 2:53

Greg Smith: Basse
Jason Hartless: Batterie
Ted Nugent: Chant / Guitares
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