Female vocals, Old School, Southern
""Blood & Gold" hosts a hard heavy rock at its highest level, racy and combative, decorated and dramatic where a female voice is put at the service of sturdy compositions."
CHILDERIC THOR (09.05.2022)  
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In spite of the appearances induced by its name, Cherokee is not American but German. Does this make a difference? Not really, because his geographical origin does not prevent him from put us through the desert and rocky lands of the new continent.

After two demos ("Ridin' Free" followed by "Mother Nature's Child") and then an EP ("Wakan Tanka Nici") marking a career launched in 2014 already noticed, the germans finally deliver their first album. "Blood & Gold" has immediately attracted us: its visual case, superb and warm, is presented as a door that we are invited to cross, leading to the shimmering universe of its authors. And above all, a female singer stands behind the microphone, which is certainly not very original anymore, but always arouses envy if not curiosity. And when this one rubs herself with a stirring hard rock fed with heavy metal, it seems difficult to resist the call of an energetic music sheathed in a seductive femininity.

If there will obviously be some grumpy people to denounce a (too) fashionable formula in the vein of Jess And The Ancient Ones, we must recognize that Laura Vesprini's voice makes all the difference. Pugnacious and mellow, she exudes a crazy charm, creating a real spell. Arrived along the way after the departure of her predecessor Katharine Heldt, who recorded the two demos mentioned above and whose titles she takes back here, the beautiful woman unquestionably embodies the element that was missing to the group to gain in depth.

Does this mean that without her, Cherokee would not have the same strength or the same appeal? Not at all, because the musicians do a truly orgasmic job of composing, chiseling songs that all catch the memory. These songs fill a brilliant menu with nuances and diversity. With 75 minutes (!), we could have feared an album that stretches unnecessarily. Miraculously, this is not the case and these fifteen tracks follow one another without any dead time or boredom at a steady pace, sometimes shrouded in silky ambiences, often vigorous but always elegant.

By their turbulent harmonies, the guitars evoke Thin Lizzy ('My Sweet Tulip', 'Ride By Night') but are just as capable of weaving more delicate atmospheres like the grandiose and moving 'Sigourney', an epic jewel of almost seven minutes, or of concreting a nervous blues on the occasion of the fierce 'Song For RG' which evokes the great spaces. As it is also the case of this 'Il Grande Silenzio' escaped from a spaghetti western. While the powerful and gruff 'Bill Pulman' or 'Rite Of Peyote' poach on the lands of the dinosaurs of the American hard rock, 'Following The Blues' crawls along a throbbing stony path and 'Just One Summer Long' confirms that the emotion suits the Germans as well.

Its length should not frighten because "Blood & Gold" hosts a heavy rock at its highest level, racy and combative, decorated and dramatic where a female voice is put at the service of sturdy compositions. Cherokee is already a great band.

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01. Bill Pullman - 04:25
02. My Sweet Tulip - 04:11
03. Just One Summer Long - 04:41
04. Il Grande Silenzio - 07:04
05. Ride By Night - 03:35
06. Sigourney - 06:41
07. Song For Rg - 02:43
08. The Nightingale Of The Red Rose - 07:40
09. Rite Of Peyote - 04:20
10. Malinche - 04:16
11. Mother Natures Child - 04:19
12. Ridin Free - 04:01
13. To Destroy Life - 07:03
14. Following My Blues - 05:04
15. Warriors Of The Rainbow - 03:41

Alexander Beda Maria Kleusch: Guitares
Fabian Albert Dey: Basse
Fabian Kampa: Batterie
Laura Vesprini: Chant
Simon Siantidis: Guitares
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