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"Second part of a trilogy conceived as the soundtrack of a good old 80's horror movie, "Leather Terror" shines with a dark opulence and stands out as the most varied opus of Carpenter Brut."
CHILDERIC THOR (23.03.2022)  
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To say that Carpenter Brut has become a true phenomenon is a sweet understatement, a French invention that the whole world (at least) envies us and that has managed to dust off synthwave by injecting it with a powerful dose of metal for a roaring result. After three EPs that, between 2014 and 2015, fixed his style and awakened an army of zombies escaped from an old Lucio Fulci, Carpenter Brut has started a second trilogy, of full-length albums this time, and baptized "Leather".

An obvious nod to the graphic fetishism conveyed by the giallo and later the slasher, its American heir, this triptych is conceived as the soundtrack of an imaginary horror film whose "Leather Teeth" (2018) introduced us to its hero, Bret Halford, a shy student in love with a girl who rejects him. Drunk on revenge, he is disfigured after a chemical experiment goes wrong and becomes the lead singer of a rock band. "Leather Terror" tells us the continuation of his adventures. In spite of an energy always at attention, the first part did not fail to disappoint some who judged it a little too bright, not dark enough, a more sunny atmosphere that actually stuck to its story. In his defense, moreover, succeeding the three previous EPs was not an easy thing and was even an impossible challenge.

The pandemic that froze the whole planet gave Carpenter Brut the time needed to refine this second chapter, refining the atmospheres and taking care of the arrangements. This immense work partly explains the more frank success displayed by this "Leather Terror" which, let's dare to announce it right away, dominates its predecessor, vibrating with a nocturnal and lightning vitality.

The album already strikes by its variety and by the numerous nuances in which it draws without ever losing coherence. That makes of him without any doubt the creation at the same time the most bushy and the most diverse of its progenitor, sometimes hypnotic, often tenebrous, always energizing, rarely positive (with the relative exception of this 'Lipstick Masquerade'). Devoid of any guitars, "Leather Terror" is nevertheless an extremely massive block, ('Straight Outta Hell'), a turbocharger that crushes everything in its wake.

Multiple guests are invited, participating in this impression of abundance, each one bringing his personality to shape the piece he animates, whether it is Greg Puciato (The Dillinger Escape Plan) on 'Imaginary Fire', the singer Sylvaine who haunts a trippy 'Stabat Mater', Johannes "Jonka" Andersson (Tribulation) who precipitates the terminal 'Leather Terror' in a frightening gothic feast, just to name a few.

But the strength of this second album is also and above all its much darker content, which dictates a simply bloodier, more aggressive menu, reviving in a way the catchy bites of the first EPs from which a track like the ruffling 'Color Me Blood' could be extracted. Finally, even more than its predecessor, "Leather Terror" is totally confused with a movie soundtrack. The 'Opening Title' that starts the listening, the dramatic progression that leads it to this final of a hellish darkness as well as the way all the tracks fit together like the diabolical sequence between 'Day Stalker' and 'Night Prowler', attest of this furiously cinematic dimension. 

Carpenter Brut took a long time to concoct the second part of his horrific trilogy but the wait is rewarded by this "Leather Terror" of a dark opulence of which we wait from now on for the continuation (and the end) with a compounded impatience.

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01. Opening Title
02. Straight Outta Hell
03. The Widow Maker
04. Imaginary Fire
05. “… Good Night, Goodbye”
06. Day Stalker
07. Night Prowler
08. Lipstick Masquerade
09. Color Me Blood
10. Stabat Mater
11. Paradisi Gloria
12. Leather Terror

Carpenter Brut: Claviers
Alex Westaway: Chant / Invité
Ben Koller: Batterie / Invité
Greg Puciato: Chant / Invité
Jonka: Chant / Invité
Kathrine Shepard: Chant / Invité
Persha: Chant / Invité
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