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""Shifting Time" proves to be a return as successful as unexpected for Giant to whom the injection of new blood has given back an energy and an efficiency that are a pleasure to hear."
LOLOCELTIC (21.03.2022)  
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When Fontiers announced a new album of Giant whose quasi-totality of the titles was composed by Alessandro Del Vecchio, we could be concerned. Not that the talent of the Transalpine is questioned here, but his style is generally recognizable and his hyper activity sometimes leads his different productions to sound a bit too much alike. Still deprived of Dan Huff, who nevertheless gave his blessing to the project, the quartet also sees Kent Hilli (Perfect Plan) taking the place of Terry Brock (Strangeways) behind the microphone while investing himself in the co-writing of eleven tracks of this "Shifting Time". 

Fortunately, Del Vecchio and Hilli, assisted on some tracks by Jonas Eriksson, Kristian Fyhr (Seventh Crystal) or Pete Alpenborg (Groundbreaker, Find Me), have perfectly immersed themselves in the work of the American band and they take us back to the first three albums that made its legend. Launched by an atmospheric instrumental with an airy guitar worthy of the introduction of 'I'm A Believer' ("Last Of The Runaways" - 1989) or of the opening 'Combustion' of "III" (2001), it's a festival of a dynamic and gleaming melodic Hard Rock that carries everything on its way. Kent Hilli offers a top-of-the-range performance while John Roth, who had already won the fans' support during the previous opus, would almost succeed in making us forget a Dan Huff who comes to play a solo on an energetic 'Never Die Young' with a catchy refrain.

The sense of the unstoppable chorus is present on each track and the scathing and catchy riffs ('Let Our Love Win', 'Don't Say A Word') alternate sometimes with bewitching and emotional power ballads ('It's Not Over', 'I Walk Alone'). 'Highway Of Love' shows a bluesy intro followed by a rise in intensity towards a relentless chorus then on a captivating alternation of tempi. Typical of many tracks of the beginnings of the band, this game on the variations is part of the trademark of Giant which avoids plunging in a succession of pieces too easy listening ('The Price Of Love', 'Don't Wanna Lose You'). All this is obviously propelled by the historical rhythm section of the quartet. The pair David Huff / Mike Brignardello offers a new flawless performance on which the band can rely with confidence.

"Shifting Time" proves to be a successful and unexpected comeback for an American legend to whom the injection of new blood has given back an energy and an efficiency that is a pleasure to see. The Del Vecchio / Hilli duo has perfectly known how to serve this monument of the genre and allows it to find all its beauty. If the sequel is to be of this level, we can only hope that we won't have to wait another decade to enjoy it. In the meantime, we encourage you to enjoy the work of a band that proves once again that it deserves its name.

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01. Shifting Time - 1:33
02. Let Our Love Win - 3:58
03. Never Die Young - 3:23
04. Don’t Say A Word - 3:34
05. My Breath Away - 4:46
06. Highway Of Love - 4:24
07. It’s Not Over - 5:37
08. The Price Of Love - 4:31
09. Standing Tall - 4:13
10. Anna Lee - 4:30
11. Don’t Wanna Lose You - 3:31
12. I Walk Alone - 4:02

David Huff: Batterie
John Roth: Guitares
Kent Hilli: Chant
Mike Brignardello: Basse
Alessandro Del Vecchio: Claviers / Invité / Chœurs
Dan Huff: Guitares / Invité
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