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"A journey as exotic as it is captivating, "Killing Moons" establishes Mercury Circle as a new reference in a musical landscape that is both melancholic and audacious."
LOLOCELTIC (03.03.2022)  
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Beyond its quality, "20 Years Of Gloom, Beauty And Despair - Live In Helsinki" highlighted Jaani Peuhu's undeniable contribution to Swallow The Sun's backing vocals. However, confined to the rank of Miko Kotamäki's support, the band's keyboard player needed an outlet to let his vocal qualities blossom. To do this, Jaani joined forces with the best of Finnish metal to create Mercury Circle. Within this quintet, we find Jussi Hämäläinen (Hanging Garden), Juppe Sutela (To/Die/For), Jaska Raatikainen (Children Of Bodom) and Ande Kiiski (Sleep Of Monsters). With such a gathering, it was likely that the atmosphere would not be carefree. However, this new association of Finnish metal stars manages to surprise us by not offering a new doom album but rather by offering a new mix of influences.

It is thus difficult to classify Mercury Circle in a musical category whereas this "Killing Moons" cheerfully associates gothic rock, ambient, doom, dark wave and world music. Certainly, this mixture can seem improbable at first sight and yet, the recipe is successful and quickly carries away the listener in a world at the same time melancholic and airy. At first sight, the epic 'The Gates Wide Open' which opens this opus in a moving and exotic way could be the meeting of Dead Can Dance and Swallow The Sun sung by Bono (U2) or Robert Smith (The Cure). But the Finnish quintet then takes a malicious pleasure to vary its music by modifying the intensity of the ingredients integrated in each of its compositions. They alternate more direct and catchy tracks ('Black Mirrors', 'Seven Archangels') with pieces exceeding eight minutes and evolving between different territories.

The bewitching eponymous track begins its journey on doom and dark shores to take us above the clouds to admire night lights before an ambient finale disturbed by martial percussions. While melancholy is the prevailing sentiment on this album, it does leave room for a few lighter moments such as 'Like Matches' which sees Cammie Gilbert (Ocean Of Slumber) sharing vocals with Jaani. Often atmospheric and hypnotic, Mercury Circle's music relies on omnipresent keyboards and a rhythmic that is both dark and varied. The guitars are essentially there to bring the different touches of colors which give the variety characterizing the different tracks, even if they can be massive, the time of some doom riffs that could not deny Swallow The Sun or Hanging Garden ('Avalanche').

"Killing Moons" closes with another epic 'Death Poem', lulling the listener between a dark and atmospheric doom and an ambient worthy of Jääportit's compatriots, which leaves in a state hesitating between melancholy, amazement and enthusiasm. Here is typically the kind of opus that offers an experience as exotic as bewitching, in spite of an insufficient production that should have brought to this work all the scale and the depth it deserved. It would be a pity to miss such a journey that will leave traces on all those who will embark on it but who will not regret it if they are a little adventurous.

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01. The Gates Wide Open - 7:42
02. Black Mirrors - 4:35
03. You Open Up The Earth - 5:21
04. Killing Moons - 8:01
05. Seven Archangels - 5:39
06. Call On The Dark - 7:08
07. Avalanche - 5:59
08. An Arrow - 4:12
09. Like Matches (feat. Cammie Gilbert) - 4:24
10. Death Poem - 9:50

Ande Kiiski: Basse
Jaani Peuhu: Chant / Guitares / Claviers
Jaska Raatikainen: Batterie
Juppe Sutela: Guitares
Jussi Hämäläinen: Guitares / Claviers / Chœurs
Cammie Gilbert: Chant / Invité
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