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"If "Still Burning..." does not impose itself as an essential of the genre, it is nevertheless a proof of Abbygail's know-how in terms of sincere and authentic hard rock."
LOLOCELTIC (29.12.2021)  
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After 11 years of existence, Abbygail releases its third opus entitled "Still Burning...". An important milestone for any self-respecting rock band. Hailing from Orchies in Flanders, the French quintet is first and foremost a story started in 2010 by Luke Debruyne (guitar and backing vocals) and Pascal Roszyk (bass). After an eponymous EP in 2014 and two full-length opuses ("Electric Lady" in 2017 and "Gun Control" in 2019), the Nordistes locked themselves in the studio of their leader and guitarist to produce a dozen tracks that smell good traditional hard rock played by a bunch of buddies who do not try to deny their influences.

Indeed, it's hard not to guess that the guys were fed with the riffs of the Young brothers ('My Religion', 'Magic Finger', 'Gamebae'), Michael Schenker ('Wild Horse', 'Pale Blue Dot') or Tommy Iommi ('The Enemy You Love To Hate'). The production is home-made, which reinforces the revival side of the whole. On its side, the rhythmic section knows how to set up solid and effective foundations. Although having concentrated the titles with AC/DC influences on the beginning of the opus, Abbygail nevertheless succeeds in varying the atmospheres and does not hesitate to venture on bluesy grounds with saucy lyrics ('The Night Before'), or others more hard-rock'n'roll with Led Zeppelin effluences ('The Answer'). The quintet is also capable of releasing a ballad with folk-rock accents ('Man On The Shelf') or to push the gas pedal for the time of 'Five And Still First' which is not without reminding a Rose Tattoo without the slide.

Nothing very original, certainly, but all that is played with sincerity and authenticity. Some small reservations can be made about the vocals of Bertrand Roussel who, if he works in a register close to those of Phil Mogg (UFO) or Graham Bonnet (Rainbow, M.S.G., Alcatrazz...), has neither the phlegm of the first, nor the power of the second. The interpretation is right and does not suffer from a too marked accent, but it lacks however of relief and certain titles would have probably gained in impact with more nuances and power ('Man On The Shelf', 'The Answer'). This does not prevent the whole from being catchy with pieces clearly made for live, especially 'Gamabae' with the profile of an anthem to scream in the pit.

If "Still Burning..." doesn't impose itself as an essential of the genre, it is nevertheless a good representative, displaying its know-how, its sincerity and its good-natured energy. With this third opus, Abbygail confirms that he is a sure value and that his scenic reputation is based on a real talent in composition.

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01. Watchman Of Darkness - 3:38
02. Wild Horse - 3:10
03. My Religion - 3:36
04. Magic Finger - 3:37
05. The Night Before - 4:06
06. Your Favorite Fuck Buddy - 4:07
07. Gamebae - 3:54
08. The Enemy You Love To Hate - 3:56
09. Man On The Shelf - 4:02
10. Pale Blue Dot - 3:03
11. The Answer - 3:32
12. Five And Still First - 3:10

Anthony Deron: Batterie
Bertrand Roussel: Chant
Luc Debruyne: Guitares / Chœurs
Pascal Roszyk: Basse
Pierre Poulain: Guitares / Chœurs
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