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"While sinking into the entrails of "Resurgence", time seems to have stopped more than thirty years ago for Massacre, inflexible incarnation of an eternal death metal coming from the bottom of the ages..."
CHILDERIC THOR (05.01.2022)  
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Despite a chaotic career, started in 1984, made of short periods of activity and long silences, Massacre remains a legend of death metal. For "From Beyond" (1991), a cult work if ever there was one and for all the musicians who participated over the years, from singer Kam Lee to guitarist Rick Rozz, not forgetting the drummer Bill Andrews and bassist Terry Butler. Allen West (Obituary) also added his name in this band, which is a sort of central point of early Floridian death metal.

Today, only the stainless Kam Lee and Mike Borders who held the four-string between 1985 and 1986 are left. But no less than three guitarists joined them in 2020 to embody this umpteenth resurrection. More than Jonny Pettersson (Wombbath), it is the presence of Scott Fairfax (Benediction, Memoriam) and Rogga Johansson (Paganizer and so many others) that makes any self-respecting death metal fan's go wild, the one who likes it rather old school. Anyway, with the Swedish stakhanovist and a Dan Swanö behind the console as in the good old days, we suspect that the successor of the mitigated "Black From Beyond" (2014) will shine neither by its modernity nor by its audacity. This is not what we ask to Massacre, holder of an identity as macabre as brutal and almost the last representative of this death metal style.

No originality in this "Resugence" surely but a sinister atmosphere of undead movies. The guys know the genre like the back of their hand, and this know-how gives this fourth effort its solid structure. Everything is there, from the prehistoric vocals (Kam Lee is in great shape) to the guitars tuned lower than the ground. The band knows as well how to dig a gaping crack from which pestilential remugles escape ('Book Of The Dead') as to break the cervicals by pressing on the most implacable Thrash ('Fate Of The Elder Gods') or to poke vague punk hints ('Servants Of Discord'). And it always gets along to ooze sepulchral intros which lays from the start a horrific decor of series B while the lovecraftian fuel inspires to the veterans the 'Ruins Of R'lyeh', 'The Innsmouth Strain' or still 'Eldrich Prophecy', cryptic alliances of morbid riffs and tempos alternately heavy and convulsive.

And then so much the worse if the album, in spite of a long duration (forty minutes) ends up going in circles because the essential is elsewhere, in this old-fashioned death metal which gets as much the desire to jump around by smashing his neighbor as to venture in the depths of foggy cellars. While sinking into the entrails of "Resurgence", time seems to have stopped more than thirty years ago for Massacre, inflexible incarnation of an eternal death metal coming from the bottom of the ages... 

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01. Eldritch Prophecy - 6:24
02. Ruins Of R'lyeh - 5:25
03. The Innsmouth strain - 3:05
04. The whisperer in darkness - 3:57
05. Book of the dead (Necronomicon Ex Mortis) - 4:09
06. Into the far off void - 4:11
07. Servants of discord - 3:57
08. Fate of the elder Gods - 3:15
09. Spawn of the succubus - 3:19
10. Return of the corpse grinder - 2:32

Kam Lee: Chant
Michael Borders: Basse
Brynjar Helgetun: Batterie / Invité
Jonny Pettersson: Guitares / Invité
Rogga Johansson: Guitares / Invité
Scott Fairfax: Guitares / Invité
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