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"New album of Stahlmann, ''Quarz'' does not distinguish itself by its originality but can provide 33 minutes of relaxation if you like Rammstein."
ADRIANSTORK (15.12.2021)  
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In the movies, Erich Von Stroheim was the man you'd like to hate. The German band Stahlmann could easily box in a similar category in music. Since 2008, the indus metal band (or a subcategory Neue Deutsche Härte) has been decried as a Rammstein clone. The years follow each other and the band piles up albums that sound alike.

"Quarz" hardly seems to be an exception to the rule. The deep, hoarse and slightly grandiloquent voice of Mart Soer reminds his colleague Till Lindemann. The question of originality will not last long: 'Wollust' seems to be a track straight out of a Rammstein album. The tempos are fast and without much surprise, the indus elements are swallowed up behind a deafening wall of sound, the guitars are heavy - no surprise - and without subtlety or sharpness. Stahlmann seems condemned to be only a tribute band. 'Sünder' or 'Gottmaschine' are typically the kind of songs that irritate by their mannerism inherited from their colleagues (and mainly from the song 'Die Sonne'). On "Bastard", the band had succeeded in varying its purpose by playing songs closer to rock but Mart Soer and his band wanted to go back to their roots...

However, some of the tracks are quite pleasant to listen to. 'Wollust', in spite of its flat and thousand times heard chorus, smells good the indus metal on verses magnified by the voice of Mart Soer which places it sometimes subtly. 'Krähen Der Nacht' and 'Sonnenreich' stand out thanks to the contribution of keyboards and, a particular success of the album, 'Gegen Den Strom' mixes tribal and dancing elements by adding a pinch of atmospheric.

With its 33 minutes, the listener will not be splashed by the originality of a band that is content to blindly apply a formula. It's a shame that the band decided to go for a rejuvenation when their excursions into a more rocky realm on their previous releases were promising. "Quarz" will provide a few enjoyable listens before returning to the closet.
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01. Wolllust
02. Sünder
03. Krähen der Nacht
04. Gottmaschine
05. Sonnenreich
06. Gegen Den Strom
07. Herz & Tränen
08. Der Sturm
09. Tobsucht
10. Willst Du

Dimitrios Gatsios: Batterie
Eugen: Basse
Mario Sobotka: Guitares
Martin Soer: Chant / Guitares / Claviers
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