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"This third part of Wildstreet's adventures is a real success even if it doesn't revolutionize the world of glam-metal"
LOLOCELTIC (15.04.2022)  
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With a first eponymous album dating from 2008 followed by an EP in 2011 ("Wildstreet II Faster... Louder..."), we can't say that Wildstreet is very prolific. The Americans seem to privilege tours and singles allowing them to remain present on the music channels of their continent. However, this has not prevented them from triggering thunderous praises with each of their discographic releases, which should not change with their long-awaited third release soberly entitled "III".

Before launching into the study of this new album, it is however necessary to specify that this one is not composed only of new releases of the year, several titles having already acted as singles since already 2017 (the scathing 'Raise Hell'). As much to say that the quintet takes its time to put in place weapons of mass destruction of a flawless precision. The three singles that open the hostilities are totally unstoppable, made of a glam-hair metal worthy of the best of the 80's, propelled by a bass that bludgeons everything in its path and catchy choruses. The highlight of this lethal burst, 'Set It Off' which adds a funky groove to these anthems to scream live.

But if each of the eight nuggets that populate this third album of the New Yorkers has weapons that make them unstoppable, Eric Jayk and his depraved buddies don't hesitate to lead the listener to territories varying from vices. The raucous 'Midnight Children' is reminiscent of Twisted Sister with its dark ambience and superb guitar duel, while 'Born To Be' plays it heavy and rocks like Mötley Crüe at its best. And then there is the UFO 'Mother' which oscillates between two Alice: Alice Cooper and Alice In Chains. It's hard not to think of the first one with the theatrical approach of this piece exceeding seven minutes, when the tortured heaviness of the second one hovers over this dark and ambitious tale.

This third part of Wildstreet's adventures is a real success even if it doesn't revolutionize the world of glam-metal. The Americans have no equal when it comes to finding the perfect balance between the clichés that make the genre unstoppable and the cleverly distilled evolutions that allow it to evolve without being distorted. Let's hope that new discographic adventures will be proposed to us more quickly, especially if they remain of this level.

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01. Tennessee Cocaine - 3:38
02. Three Way Ride - 3:44
03. Set It Off - 3:22
04. Still Love You - 4:55
05. Midnight Children - 4:19
06. Born To Be - 3:36
07. Raise Hell - 2:52
08. Mother - 7:20

Don Marles: Guitares
Eric Jayk: Chant
Jimmie Marlowe: Guitares
Jonny D: Basse
Lock Driver: Batterie
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