""Dearly Beloved" is a return to the roots for Chris Daughtry. His alternative rock, tending towards hard rock and even metal, will certainly bring back his old fans."
LYNOTT (05.10.2021)  
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It was American Idol that introduced Chris Daughtry to the general public in 2006. Although he came in fourth, he was the revelation of the show. His self-titled debut album released the same year was a hit, oozing with post-grunge guitars and promising the talented singer a bright future. In 2013 the album "Baptized", more pop than rock, disappointed the fans and Daughtry came down from his pedestal. If "Cage To Rattle" was somewhat better in 2018, it only revealed timid hesitations of the frontman to return to his first love. Is the long-awaited return to the roots in this "Dearly Beloved"?

Listening to it, the answer to this question is not long in coming: Chris Daughtry was right to leave the RCA label and to self-produce his new opus. No more formatted pop to attract the radio listener, from now on the singer-guitarist does what he likes. "Dearly Beloved" is a rock album, flirting with hard rock, and sometimes turning to metal, guided by a modern and alternative approach, while remaining easy listening thanks to an undeniable melodic constancy. The guitars are particularly sharp and the vocal performance of Chris Daughtry is quite exceptional. This guy magnifies everything he touches and he performs whatever the title, even when he goes out of his favorite musical styles.

Thirteen tracks are featured on this album. More than half of them are potential radio hits, while the other compositions deserve many stars. The single 'Heavy Is The Crown' starts off with a quiet opening, before the guitars cut through the initial piano notes and Daughtry delivers a huge chorus that he is famous for. 'Changes Are Coming' follows the same path, a deceptively calm approach, then a rhythm section sending a deluge of fire to radiate an anthemic chorus. We are not far from Alter Bridge here. Let's also mention on one side the storms triggered by 'Asylum' and 'The Victim' on which the shadow of Sixx A.M. hovers. And on the other hand, the lulls offered by 'Call You Mine', a ballad close to Christopher Cross or Rick Springfield, and 'Somebody', a mid-tempo song with sounds from Mark Spiro, Coldplay and Levara.

Chris Daughtry has broken free from his chains, and that's great news. This long-awaited return to his roots, coupled with a more modern approach and alternative sounds, will undoubtedly satisfy the audience he had lost along the way in recent years. It is even likely that new fans will join the troop , especially those who, not attracted by the muscular sounds, had not paid attention to the artist at his debut. 

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01. Desperation - 4:48
02. World On Fire - 3:35
03. Heavy Is The Crown - 3:54
04. Changes Are Coming - 3:41
05. Dearly Beloved - 3:42
06. Cry For Help - 3:33
07. Asylum - 3:55
08. Evil - 3:31
09. The Victim - 3:41
10. Somebody - 3:40
11. Call You Mine - 4:15
12. Lioness - 3:35
13. Break Into My Heart - 3:49

Brian Craddock: Guitares
Chris Daughtry: Chant / Guitares
Josh Paul: Basse
Josh Steely: Guitares
Robin Diaz: Batterie
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