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"First entirely instrumental album of Gus G, "Quantum Leap" tries to highlight both his technique and his melodic sense. Mission accomplished, but only partially."
NEWF (02.12.2021)  
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The most compelling tracks on Gus G's previous album, 2018's "Fearless", were definitely the instrumentals. So it was with great interest that we approached this "Quantum Leap," the Firewind guitarist's first fully instrumental solo album. Conceived and recorded during the pandemic, this opus was born as much to make up for the frustration of not being able to defend on stage the Firewind album released in 2020 as to please its author. Having almost nothing to prove, except that he deserves much more international recognition as a guitarist, Kostas Karamitroudis set out to compose tracks that highlight both his technique and his melodic sense. Mission accomplished, but only partially.

Indeed, the big interest of "Quantum Leap" is that each track develops an identifiable melodic line from the first listening. Gus G takes great care not to bury the listener under a deluge of technical plans, even if the specialists will find a considerable quantity of shred and neoclassical passages to study. But the disadvantage of this choice is that the melodic lines in question are very similar to those used by others, notably Joe Satriani ('Enigma Of Life', 'Not Forgotten') or Patrick Rondat ('Quantum Lead'), which makes us think that Gus G listened to his favorite artists and imbued a little too much of their universe before composing his album.

This lack of personality, added to a total absence of emotion in the way of approaching his guitar playing, penalizes the album which however conceals many qualities, in the first place a certain science of the metal riff coming straight from Firewind ('Judgement Day', 'Fierce', 'Demon Stomp', 'Force Majeure'). That said, it doesn't prevent "Quantum Leap" from going round in circles sometimes, despite some welcome incursions in the progressive metal ('Into The Unknown') and in the synthwave ('Night Driver').

"Quantum Leap" is thus a well produced instrumental album, rather generous but finally a little too wise to totally win over the audience. It lacks the breath and the ambition present in the real specialists of the genre. It should be noted that it is delivered with a second CD gathering live versions of some of Gus G's sung tracks which are totally dispensable.
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01. Into The Unknown
02. Exosphere
03. Quantum Leap
04. Chronesthesia
05. Enigma Of Life
06. Judgement Day
07. Fierce
08. Demon Stomp
09. Night Driver
10. Not Forgotten
11. Force Majeure
12. Fearless
13. Mr. Manson
14. Letting Go
15. Cold Sweat
16. Force Majeure
17. Money For Nothing
18. Thrill Of The Chase

Dennis Ward: Chant / Basse
Gus G.: Guitares / Basse / Claviers
Vincent Velazco: Batterie
Vinnie Moore: Guitares / Invité
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Avec cette nouvelle production Gus G confirme sa place dans le cercle des guitaristes de haut vol ( ce qu'on savait déjà !).
Tantôt dans la lignée d'un Satriani dans les morceaux"mélodiques", tantôt sur les traces d'un Petrucci dans les compos métal prog, le lead d'Ozzy nous en met plein la vue et plein les oreilles ! Coup de chapeau à la section rythmique (basse-batterie) qui n'a rien à envier à un LTE :suivre Gus n'est pas toujours évident !
Après ces quelques louanges, je suis plus dubitatif sur la partie live : hormis les créations du maître, la reprise de Dire Straits est carrément hors sujet, quand à Cold Sweat, même Gus ne peut rivaliser avec John Sykes, seul héritier " naturel" de Lynott...
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