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""Bombenhagel" is a very nice EP with a percussive rework of a classic and two new songs confirming the good health of Sodom."
NOISE (30.11.2021)  
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Now a quartet, Sodom, the German thrash legend, offered with "Genesis XIX" a nice range of their talent with an intact rage and anger carried by an Angelripper in great shape. One year later, the band is back with an EP, "Bombenhagel". Fond of the exercise, Sodom multiplies the releases of this kind since a few years. If initially the EP was to be used to promote the tour, the band wanted to release it anyway despite its cancellation. Consisting of three tracks, it offers a rereading of a classic accompanied by two new songs.

Taken from "Persecution Mania" released in 1987, 'Bombenhagel' remains among the best tracks proposed by the band with a very speed side and riffs and soli that explode in all directions. The revisit sees the participation of Harris Johns, historical producer of the band, who had already proposed a solo on the original version. The sound is stronger but not too modern. The structure of the song is respected with a chorus and furious verses, deliciously wild and fast and Tom's snarling vocals. The soli are fast and melodic with a high technical level and respectful of the original work and Johns shows that he has not lost his touch.

Sodom also graces us with two new songs. 'Coup de Grace' is aptly named. Short and direct, it shows a Sodom that sends with savagery. Tom is perfect with his snarling vocals and as far as solos and riffs are concerned, the guitar duo is having fun in a pure thrash spirit. 'Pestiferous Posse' is darker and more nervous but just as hard-hitting. Tom is enraged and flirts with the growl. The instrumental part is remarkable with an intense fast side that crush everything on its way.

Reworking an old track is a delicate exercise but Sodom does it brilliantly by revitalizing perfectly his classic. Beside 'Bombenhagel', the band confirms its beautiful artistic health and remains at the top of the thrash planet with an insolent class.

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01. Bombenhagel - 6:06
02. Coup De Grace - 3:06
03. Pestiferous Posse - 5:05

Frank Blackfire: Guitares
Tom Angelripper: Chant / Basse
Toni Merkel: Batterie
Yorck Segatz: Guitares
Harris Johns: Guitares / Invité
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