Female vocals, Old School, Rasping vocals
"Shewolf strikes a blow with "Parasite" whose grunge style, without artifice, is the best way to evoke strong themes between revolt and empathy."
CALGEPO (23.06.2021)  
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In Seattle at the end of the 80's, a new genre emerged in reaction to glam rock. The grunge was born mixing heavy metal, the independent rock and the punk without any artifice. 1991 is almost the year 0 of its worldwide resonance and recognition with the release of Nirvana's 'Nevermind' and Pearl Jam's 'Ten', bringing Soundgarden or Alice In Chains but also Hole to light in their wake. Today, the genre has still its fans and followers, notably the band Shewolf.

No other than grunge could better embody what the musicians wanted to convey in their songs with strong themes touching the current society. Exploitation, violence against women, social inequalities... are some of the subjects that are scattered throughout the new album "Parasite". There is a strong empathy in the band when the trio tackles these difficult subjects, and this from the start with an immersive 'The Escape' which we assume refers to the psychological and physical hold suffered in some couples and from which it is difficult to get out. The first part is oppressive and the listener can feel paralyzed by this false calm. This oppression is felt by the slow rhythmic like a kind of anaesthesia which then turns into a rage where Alice lets explode an enormous frustration and impotence.

We find the very essence of grunge which hides much more than it seems. If the technique is based on a repetitive rhythmic, it puts forward marvelously an energy which Shewolf seizes by composing rock anthems as we rarely hear them nowadays with an accusing 'Monster' with a very garage sound which accentuates the proximity with the listener. The band also manages to densify its style, notably in 'Pages' built on a hypnotic rhythm like a false ballad with a totally unbridled interlude in the middle of the track where each of the musicians goes wild.

"Parasite" is a kind of incarnation of the life of certain people (women and men), fragile in their innermost being but strong in appearance so as not to let anything show for their own reasons. If you feel concerned, the record becomes even more meaningful. But without going that far, the album offers such an intrinsic energy that it can carry anyone.

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01. The Escape
02. Be happy be productive
03. Monster
04. Pages
05. Catherine
06. Pause F‚minin(e)
07. Parasite
08. Burnt
09. Nothing Left To Say

Alice: Chant / Guitares
Fanny: Basse
Marie-claude: Batterie
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