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"With a background of alternative and progressive metal, "The Denisovan" is a master stroke for Before & Apace. An album as complex and tortuous as technical and immersive. A revelation."
PROGRACER (27.05.2021)  
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Devin Martyniuk is a brilliant creative mind. His band, Before & Apace, named after a line from W. Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet, has existed virtually in his mind for nearly 20 years, but is only releasing its first album this spring, time to absorb what the world has to teach him and put it to music.

Brilliant but mind tortured. The Canadian is inspired by Meshuggah for the heaviest and most jerky phases, but also by his compatriot Devin Townsend, from whom he borrows a pronounced taste for epic and progressive music with extreme tendencies. It is also impossible  to forget The Mars Volta that "The Denisovan" invokes by its repeated changes of rhythm, its frenzied brutal flights interspersed with ambiences sometimes worrying and almost cinematographic (the intro of 'Simultaniagnosa'), sometimes frosty.

Martyniuk wishes that his music is built in the same way that "... Tool writes about Carl Jung.'. So he uses Before & Apace "... as a recipe book for living a good life". The album contains only four tracks for almost 55 minutes of music. You will understand that it is not easy to summarize tracks of more than 10 minutes, even nearly 20 like the final one, built like a tetralogy which would reveal its deep meaning only after listening to its last movement, thus revealing the essence of each of the previous parts. Did you say weird?

Relying on an excellent rhythm section, some parts are more accessible, like 'Zeno' and its rhythmic breaks between syncopated progressive metal and Tool-like ambiences, and 'Limbics' whose ferocious brutality and apparent darkness seize the listener, giving way to an atmospheric finale very emotional. No doubt that many listenings will reveal the thousand subtleties of a complex  album and yet immediately enjoyable as the raging 'Ontogeny' can be.

"The Denisovan" is an ambitious album that should please the fans of the bands already mentioned above. Let's add to it those of The Reticent for the depth of the texts and the interpretation and of Tool, since Martyniuk borrows from the Californian quartet this capacity to create a link between numerous heterogeneous parts, uniting them in a coherent whole. It's hard to believe that Martyniuk's technical and creative mastery or the richness of his work can coexist on a debut album, except when you know how long it's been in gestation. Not at all a trial run, a master piece from the start.

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01. Zeno - 11:15
02. Limbics - 9:44
03. Ontogeny - 11:16
04. Simultanagnosia - 19:50

Arlan Kopp: Batterie
Bryce Holcomb: Chant / Guitares
Devin Martyniuk: Guitares
Kaylon Disiewich: Basse
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