Bluesy, Female vocals, Old School
""Let It Shine" is a warm soul blues album dominated by Jessie Lee's beautiful voice."
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She looks like Beth Hart, she was on The Voice in 2016, she's been playing guitar since she was young, she made her first recordings at 14, and she was Sinclair's guitarist. In short, Jessie Lee Houllier rocks. Her culture? Blues rock and soul. It's the universe she grew up in and the one that lends itself the most to her beautiful voice. Jessie Lee & The Alchemists was born in 2014, after her meeting with guitarist Alexis Didier. A duo that immediately knew how to surround itself with experienced musicians, including bassist Laurent Cokelaere who has played with all the big names in French variety. After their first album, the combo is back this year with "Let It Shine", an album as warm as Jessie Lee's suave voice.

This warmth is largely due to the very precise production of the album and the analog recording, which really does justice to the dynamics of each instrument. "Let It Shine" is an old-school album, crafted with modern means and carried by a true soulful spirit thanks to Jessie Lee's haunting vocals and Alexis Didier's very bluesy guitar phrasing.

Blues, it is about it, of the soul blues ('Let It Shine') in the blues rock ('The Same') while passing by the rhythm and blues ('Sometimes') and even the acoustic blues ('I Don't Need To Say'). And it is with the shortest titles that Jessie Lee & The Alchemists completely carry away the adhesion, either by their rock spirit (the excellent and zeppelinian 'Another'), or by the contribution of the brasses which dynamize effectively the compositions ('You Gotta').

On the other hand, this effectiveness is mishandled on the longest pieces. 'Let It Shine', 'One Only Thing', 'I Don't Need To Say', which all exceed 7 minutes, are unnecessarily long. Even if their respective durations are justified by slower tempos and allow for some nice guitar solos, they unnecessarily dilute the musical purpose to the benefit of a clean execution that finally proves to be a bit too applied.

These small defects do not prevent "Let It Shine" from being a very pleasant album to listen to. First because it is dominated by a real soul spirit, then because it has a major asset: the charming voice of Jessie Lee. And that, nobody can ever take away from her.
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01. Another
02. But You Lie
03. You Gotta
04. The Same, 05. Let It Shine
06. Sometimes
07. One Only Thing
08. Get Out Of My Head
09. Took My Mind Away
10. I Don't Need To Say

Alexis Didier: Guitares
Jessie Lee: Chant / Guitares
Laurent Cokelaere: Basse
Laurian Daire: Claviers
Stéphane Minana: Batterie
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Je trouve la chronique un peu dure (sans parler du commentaire de Kingeddie, mais chacun ses goûts et son opinion) car j'entends plus de talent que simplement de l'application.
La rythmique est d'une précision et d'une efficacité diabolique, les guitare sont simplement incroyables (ça fait du bien d'entendre autre chose ques montées et descentes de manches incessantes en mode "Vous avez vu comme je suis fort ?")
Et puis la voix, bordel, cette voix ! Peut-être faut-il avoir vu le groupe en live pour en prendre pleinement conscience ... (j'en suis persuadé)
Pour les amateurs qui veulent tout savoir sur le groupe, le disque et entendre deux titres en version acoustique, il y a ce show (je préviens c'est un poil long !):
J'ai vraiment essayer d'aller au bout : hélas j'ai perdu mon courage en cours de route... j'ai pas trop compris si c'était du Blues ou un mélange maladroit de Rock pop folk ? La chanteuse Jessie en l'occurrence, a une voix tout à fait honorable sans être éblouissante mais dans son cas de figure,il faut impérativement des compos punchy impeccables pour accrocher l'auditeur...ici on accroche sur pas grand chose et au final on a (déjà) oublié ce qu'on vient d'écouter !!! Désolé
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