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""The Devil In Me" is a breath of fresh air whose variety and authenticity put back on the scene an artist with a talent as varied as it is exciting."
LOLOCELTIC (26.04.2021)  
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57 years in the business, thirteen studio albums and one live album and iconic status as a trailblazer in the female rock genre... Even though she hasn't had the honor of appearing in our pages yet, do we need to introduce Suzi Quatro? Without her, there probably wouldn't have been the Runaways, Girlschool, or the Rock Goddess. For her part, Joan Jett humbly and unashamedly acknowledges that she was the one who inspired her and gave her the motivation to get started. At 71 years old, and two years after a "No Control" (2019) passed unnoticed in our countries, the legendary singer-bassist is back with an opus entitled "The Devil In Me". This one was composed with her son, Richard Tuckey, and recorded in the studio of this last one who also assures the guitar on most of the titles. It is also to note the participation of Cherrie Currie (ex-singer of the Runaways) who shares the vocal with the mistress of the places on 'Betty Who'.

For those who don't know the legendary Suzie Quatro yet, she is considered the priestess of female glam. She was the first girl to take the lead in a rock band in the 70's and left her native Detroit, Michigan to launch her career in England. After a hiatus of over twenty years during which she focused on film and television hosting, her comeback was marked in 2006 with the album "Back To The Drive". "The Devil In Me" is her fourth studio album since then, and if this album will not fundamentally revolutionize the musical identity of the living legend, it may nevertheless represent one of its jewels. Launched by the eponymous track, which also serves as a single, this collection of twelve tracks is a true demonstration of Suzi Quatro's know-how and the variety of her influences.

In great shape, the boss gives a beautiful lesson to some current divas with prefabricated courses and with the lack of personality. We have right here rock-glam very 70's with a production anchored in its time. The groovy pieces ('Hey Queenie', 'Do You Dance') are next to direct rocks with an unstoppable efficiency ('You Can't Dream It', 'I Sold My Soul') and with strong smells of overheated asphalt. The old school rock'n'roll ('Motor City Riders') is followed by jazzy and aerial ballads ('Love's Gone Bad', 'In The Dark'). And all this is sprinkled with delicious surprises such as the funky 'Betty Who', a soul ballad worthy of Motown ('My Heart And Soul') which turns out to be a Christmas song, a heavy and bluesy rock with a negro spiritual chorus ('Get Outta Jail') or a good old classic but bewitching blues ('Isolation Blues') with a smoky pub atmosphere.

In almost 45 minutes, Suzi Quatro sets the record straight and reminds us that rock is above all a question of open-mindedness. At more than 70 years old, she puts in place all those who think that a technical or power demonstration is a proof of talent. The flame still burns brightly and the voice remains up to the task. "The Devil In Me" is a breath of fresh air whose variety and authenticity put back on the scene an artist with a talent as varied as it is exciting. Thank you Suzi Q !

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01. The Devil In Me - 3:30
02. Hey Queenie - 4:15
03. Betty Who? (feat. Cherie Currie) - 4:03
04. You Can‘t Dream It - 3:15
05. My Heart And Soul (long Version) - 5:21
06. Get Outta Jail - 3:22
07. Do Ya Dance - 2:49
08. Isolation Blues - 3:42
09. I Sold My Soul - 2:42
10. Love‘s Gone Bad - 4:33
11. In The Dark - 3:13
12. Motor City Riders - 4:00

Jez Davies: Claviers
Richard Tuckey: Guitares
Suzi Quatro: Chant / Basse / Percussions
Tim Reyland: Batterie
Andy Smith: Invité / Violon
Cherie Currie: Chant / Invité
Dick Hanson: Invité / Trompette
Naomi Poole: Invité / Violoncelle
Ray Beavis: Invité / Saxophone
Richard Beesley: Invité / Saxophone
Tim Aves: Invité / Harmonica
Toby Gücklhorn: Invité / Trombone
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