"Free of any weakness, "Polaris" will enthuse the barbarian as much as the listener in love with aerial and psychedelic sonorities."
CHILDERIC THOR (06.05.2021)  
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Los Disidentes Del Sucio Motel (LDDSM): behind this strange name evolves a French band that is no less so, originally tied to the stoner genre (of which there are still some traces) but whose successive works - four albums if we take into account the subject of this review and leave aside the EPs "East Side Story" and "Demanbulation" - have pushed it on less marked paths and capable of touching a wider public than the simple fan of heavy music. This is not the only singularity of this quintet which has as much recourse to a vast vocal palette, offered by its three singers (including Katia the keyboardist and bassist), as to spatial and progressive fragrances.

In fact, and notwithstanding the asserted identity of its creators, we never know too much in advance which face will wear each new offering imagined by Los Disidentes Del Sucio Motel. Coming almost five years after the acclaimed "Human Collapse", "Polaris" is no exception to the rule. The opus questions the relationship between man and the universe, a concept which is declined through ten tracks, each one having its own personality. With the exception of the very short introduction, all of them oscillate between four and six minutes approximately, a character which confers to the whole some allure of homogeneous block.

The constant concern of the musicians to think the album in its smallest details, as well in its multiple arrangements as in its progression and the distribution of its songs which owes nothing to the chance, is distinguished. If the vocal lines impress and seduce, powerful vector of emotions (the plaintive 'Blue Giant', the heartbreaking 'Alpha Ursae Minoris'), roaring riffs and stellar synthesizers ('Earthrise') concretize this "Polaris" at the same time rough and delicate, tense and bright.

The compositions follow one another in a journey sometimes fighting, like 'Blood-Planet Child', ideal to launch the menu, desperate at times ('Dark Matter') but also atmospheric ('The Key') and nourished by a furiously melodic sap ('The Plague' and its harmonies that Queen would not deny). To a heavy base ('Horizon'), Los Disidentes Del Sucio Motel does not hesitate to breathe a vaporous breath, witness the superb final pulsation 'The Great Filter' which touches the heart as much as the soul.

Once the listening is over, the image of a plural and nevertheless compact album takes shape, free of any weakness because one guesses that it is the fruit of a slow maturation. Each of the five musicians takes the rightful part, playing an essential role within a partition where all the elements fit together with force and fluidity. Even more than its predecessors, "Polaris" will enthuse the barbarian as much as the lsitener in love with aerial and psychedelic sonorities.
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01. :-:o:-:
02. Blood Planet Child
03. Dark Matter
04. Blue Giant
05. The Plague
06. Alpha Ursae Minoris
07. Earthrise
08. The Key
09. Horizon
10. The Great Filter

Nico: Chant / Guitares
Dany: Chant / Claviers
Greg: Batterie
Julien: Chant / Basse
Romain: Guitares
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