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"Fresh and light, this promising first EP from PRDR delivers a sensitive and addictive fusion rock."
DARIALYS (28.01.2021)  
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If we talk to you about Australia, modern rock fusion, clean guitar with a wonderfully produced sound, you will undoubtedly answer: Plini! And for good reason, despite his young age, the distinguished musician from Sydney has already influenced many guitarists of his generation with his characteristic personality and sound.

However, behind PRDR's four enigmatic letters, it is not our friend Plini who is hiding, but rather Peter Meere, a guitarist based in Adelaide. Very little information is filtering through the web about this mysterious band that seems to be very recent and that is releasing this year its first EP entitled "How Did The Desert Bloom". The term of group is perhaps not so exact, since this project seems to be the one of Peter Meere, guitarist therefore, but also composer and producer of the EP, although he is surrounded by three friends for the recording.

The cover representing a very colorful abstract art painting is in the same vein as the three tracks of the EP. "How Did The Desert Bloom" is a fresh and light record, with a modern production and compositions very centered around the guitar. The first track 'When The Waves' is a sunny summer with its irresistible refrain tinged with a slight melancholy and carried by Matt Sky's beautiful voice, pure and mastered, managing to transmit beautiful light emotions while remaining in a very sober and natural interpretation.

'The Letting Go' confirms the very beautiful ambitions of the first song. Atmospheric moods and clean guitars are back, brought by a fragile and tender voice, showing from time to time a very beautiful falsetto. Here again, the refrain corresponds to the paroxysm of the title, with fusion guitar phrasings. Finally, 'Vanguard', a single that is the subject of a clip, slightly hardens the tone with some riffs that, accentuated by distortion, could have had a metal aspect. We will find there again very beautiful vocal lines, in particular on the chorus which is always very promising.

Of course, this is a first EP, and it is difficult to make an opinion on a band after a short quarter of an hour of listening. Nevertheless, the potential of PRDR seems rather immense. It must be said that Peter Meere knew how to surround himself with some precious companions, like Rob Brens on drums (I Built The Sky, Mirrors), and Simon Groove on mixing and mastering (Plini, Intervals, Protest The Hero). We can only hope that this very good start will be confirmed on a longer format in the future!
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01. When The Waves
02. The Letting Go
03. Vanguard

Liam Horgan: Basse
Matt Sky: Chant
Peter Meere: Guitares
Rob Brens: Batterie
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