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"Excellent surprise that this "Paint The Sky" in a progressive rock register at the same time modern and heir of the marking times of the genre."
NUNO777 (07.01.2022)  
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We had left Vivien Lalu on a good "Atomic Ark" in which the keyboard player proposed his view of the progressive metal. As it took eight years between "Oniric Metal" and his second record, it's not surprising that this third record "Paint The Sky" is released eight years after "Atomic Ark". This is the only thing that is not surprising with this record.

First of all, the line-up which sees Damian Wilson replacing Martin Lemar who was thought to be assigned to the microphone of Lalu's solo project. Secondly, the variety of prestigious guests who come to lend a hand to Lalu, from Gary Wehrkamp to Jordan Rudess through Steve Walsh and Simon Phillips. An eclecticism that brings us directly to the real surprise of this record, namely its plural and mostly unpublished style from the Frenchman. Not really metal anymore, or only on occasion, but deeply progressive, "Paint The Sky" is certainly so. We must not forget that Vivien's parents, Noelle and Michel, were active in progressive rock in the 70s with the band Polène. "Paint The Sky" is in the tradition of retro progressive rock as practiced by modern bands.

It is particularly evident in many vocal parts which evoke very directly Yes ('Reset To Preset', 'Won't Rest Until the Heat Of the Earth Burns', 'Paint The Sky', 'We Are Strong'), in the keyboards which one would think came out of a Kaipa record ('Won't Rest Until the Heat Of the Earth Burns') or even in certain turns which recall the style of The Flower Kings ('Emotionalised'). Lalu has had fun placing these references, and other little Beatles gimmicks in 'Won't Rest Until the Heat Of the Earth Burns' for example, in songs that are not lacking in ideas and vitality. Although the compositions are technically and harmonically demanding, there is always a certain lightness which makes them accessible and addictive, in that the pop touches ('Witness To The World', 'We Are Strong') and soft rock in the Toto style ('Lost In Conversation') do their job perfectly.

No limitation seems to have embraced the inspiration of Lalu in this record. For proof the very special 'Standing At The Gates Of Hell' with a very dark and metal beginning before a radical switch towards a groovy and traditional jazz-fusion. A virtuous spirit of freedom and spontaneity emerges from Lalu's obvious pleasure in making us travel through his choice of sounds that visit all the decades since the 70s. Lalu radiates this positivity which is embodied in delicious melodies and is transmitted to the other musicians to put them in the best dispositions. In particular the full and right performances of Damian Wilson who demonstrates the wide spectrum of his talents, going from finesse to strength according to the sensitivities (the superb 'The Chosen Ones' with its alternately whispered and held notes sums up in itself the performance of the Englishman).

We did not expect Lalu in such a progressive rock register at the same time modern and heir of the marking times of the genre. Listening to this "Paint The Sky" is particularly invigorating because it reigns a very positive spirit, a sweet cheerfulness, an abundance of colors which confers its melodic attractions and charms the listener from the first listening. Thanks to Lalu and "Paint The Sky" the new year is carried by a great breath of freshness that feels good.

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01. Reset To Preset
02. Won’t Rest Until The Heat Of The Earth Burns The Soles Of Our Feet Down To The Bone
03. Emotionalised
04. Paint The Sky
05. Witness To The World
06. Lost In Conversation
07. Standing At The Gates Of Hell
08. The Chosen Ones
09. Sweet Asylum
10. We Are Strong
11. All Of The Lights
12. Paint The Sky

Damian Wilson: Chant
Jelly Cardarelli: Batterie
Joop Wolters: Guitares / Basse
Vivien Lalu: Claviers
Alessandro Del Vecchio: Claviers / Invité
Alex Argento: Claviers / Invité
Gary Wehrkamp: Chant / Guitares / Invité
Jens Johansson: Claviers / Invité
Jordan Rudess: Claviers / Invité
Marco Sfogli: Guitares / Invité
Simon Phillips: Batterie / Invité
Simone Mularoni: Guitares / Invité
Steve Walsh: Chant / Invité
Tony Franklin: Basse / Invité
Vikram Shankar: Claviers / Invité
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Agréable surprise que cet album.
Les qualités des invités et du nouveau venu Damian Wilson évidemment mais avant tout des compositions riches et variées.
A écouter sans modération.
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