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"With its powerful, catchy and varied melodic metal, "Ad Infinitum" has all the assets to allow Crown Of Glory to establish itself among the European leaders of the genre."
LOLOCELTIC (08.02.2021)  
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If these two countries are famous for their social serenity and their numerous lakes, Switzerland and Finland also share the characteristic of producing many talented rock bands of all kinds. Although "Ad Infinitum" is only his third opus, Crown Of Glory exists since 1998. It took the Swiss band ten years to release their debut album "A Deep Breath Of Life" (1998), then another six years to release "King For A Day" in 2014. So it took the same amount of time for the newcomer. What relationship with Finland will you say after reading this introductory statement? You will soon understand it.

From the first notes of 'Emergency', which launches the celebrations, it seems clear that the Lucerne sextet has left an ear on the side of the land of a thousand lakes, and in particular on the works of a certain Nightwish from whom it borrowed majestic keyboards and a science of the big symphonic riff that crushes everything in its path while remaining particularly melodic. The vocals of Hene Multher is not without reminding sometimes that of Tony Kakko (Sonata Arctica) by its variety being able to translate the fragility ('Surrender') as well as the anger ('Master Of Disguise', 'What I'm Made Of'). As for the triplet composed of 'Infinity', 'Glorious Night' and 'Make Me Believe', its incendiary double-pedal and its melodic lines and vocals refer irremediably to the best of Stratovarius.

Is Crown Of Glory a simple and talented clone of the best Finnish metal bands? No way! If we continue this exercise, the shadow of Pretty Maids can also be seen on the scrappy 'Master Of Disguise' or the sharp and catchy 'What I'm Made Of'. As for the keyboards of 'Say My Name', their Lordian sounds will remind us of the most efficient Deep Purple. Yet, all this offers a final result of the most enjoyable. Within a powerful and high quality production, each instrument can blossom. The guitars are gleaming and Markus Multher offers luminous solos. Oliver Schumacher's keyboards vary the moods and enrich each track. As for the rhythm section, it sees Jonas Lüscher's bass whirring while Lukas Soland, if he is not stingy with double-pedal accelerations, knows how to propel the ensemble with variety.

With its collection of catchy choruses and unstoppable riffs and its varied and effective heavy, "Ad Infinitum" has all the assets to take Crown Of Glory to the next level and establish itself as a leader in European melodic metal. It remains to be wished that the band can defend its work quickly on stage and above all, that it frees itself from a Swiss tradition of taking one's time often. 
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01. Emergency - 4:35
02. Something (feat. Seraina Telli) - 5:58
03. Let's Have A Blast - 4:18
04. Emporium Of Dreams - 5:23
05. Surrender - 4:55
06. Infinity - 6:04
07. Glorious Nights - 6:12
08. Make Me Believe - 4:31
09. Master Of Disguise - 4:11
10. What I'm Made Of - 5:01
11. Until I'm Done - 4:21
12. Say My Name - 4:18

Hene Multher: Chant
Hungi Berglas: Guitares
Jonas Lüscher : Basse
Lukas Soland: Batterie
Markus Multher: Guitares
Oliver Schumacher: Claviers
Seraina Telli: Chant / Invité
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