Concept-album, Dissonant, Electro, Low vocals, Screaming vocals
""Wire" is the new album of Horskh, a band from France, which takes us on an powerfull indus metal trip."
ADRIANSTORK (10.03.2021)  
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Horskh as its name does not indicate is from France. The trio, led by Bastien Hennaut, released in 2015 ''Dawn'', an indus metal EP (rebranded in a deluxe version) very electro. Two years later, it's the turn of ''Gate'' to open a new chapter, the band waited 4 years before closing this trilogy with the album "Wire".

For a duration of 34 minutes and twelve tracks, the band leads us in a dark and dangerous indus metal world rather dominated by electro. From the opening of 'Strobes' with almost inaudible analog sounds, the listener knows that listening will be a pleasure if he learns to tame the somewhat unpleasant sounds. The rhythms accelerate like a ghost train that keeps on going without worrying about the tracks, and if they slow down sometimes, it's only to pick up again a hellish speed ('A Breath Before The Fall'). 

The guitars take part in this pagan party and show themselves by some sharp riffs ('Mud In Wheels', 'A Breath Before The Fall', 'Common Crimes'). The drums are impeccable, robotic but with a control and dexterity that can only be human. Contrary to Shaarghot, Horskh does not bet on dancing sounds but on heavy and crushing rhythms ('Common Crimes'). The screamed and tortured vocals alternate with a clearer and more incisive one ('Break Off'), sometimes terribly distorted ('A Breath Before The Fall', 'Black Switch'). We regret however the absence of a venomous ballad, a piece that would short-circuit a rather homogeneous whole. Because the only reproach that one could make to "Wire" would be to burn too quickly its cartridges at the beginning of the album, leaving the continuation somewhat predictable.

With "Wire", Horskh proves that he is still connected to an electro-indus current. The band decided to go to the essential with a short album but still as percussive. Fans of indus metal will find their account there, the informed music lovers would do well to throw their two ears there.

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01. Strobes
02. Trying More
03. Mud In My Wheels
04. A Breath Before The Fall
05. Cut The Knot
06. Stolen Memories
07. Break Off
08. Common Crimes
09. Black Switch
10. Pull The Wire
11. Set On Fire
12. May Day

Bastien: Chant / Guitares / Claviers / Programmation
Briou: Batterie
Jordan.: Guitares / Claviers
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