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""Nowhere Highway" is a work that carries the listener from the very first seconds, only to release him once the last seconds of silence of the last track have passed."
TONYB (31.12.2020)  
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The Eye 2 Eye adventure, started more than 25 years ago by Didier Pegues and Philippe Benabès, comes back to us in 2020 with a concept album presenting the sequel to 'Ghosts', the first part of which is present on the band's previous effort, "The Light Bearer". The story puts us in the shoes of a musician who has lost all inspiration and who drowns in alcohol to try in vain to find it again. More generally, it is a reflection on what inspires an artist, oscillating between a dark side and the light.

As far as inspiration is concerned, there is no doubt that this album is far from being autobiographical, at least if we judge the content offered by Eye 2 Eye, which once again proves to be incredibly rich. The five parts of 'Ghosts', composed of a total of sixteen tracks, are a veritable profusion of ideas, visiting from the cellar to the attic everything that we appreciate in the neo-progressive rock: accessible without ever falling into ease, melodic without ever falling into repetition, brilliantly restored thanks to judicious alternation of the sung parts and tasty instrumental passages, "Nowhere Highway" grabs the listener from the very first bars and never lets go for nearly 60 minutes.

We had pointed out two weak points in the previous opus, namely the vocals and the production, which in our opinion were not up to the level of the band's inspiration. For the vocals, the return to business of Jack Daly (present on the album "After All") brings an undeniable plus. Among all those who succeeded one another at the microphone throughout the band's discography, he is without a doubt the most expressive and the most qualified to make us live the different emotions conveyed by this hour of non-stop music. As for the production, it seems to take advantage of the passage at PPR, with a great leap forward that finally pays tribute to the magnificent orchestrations of the different tracks.

For if there is indeed a strong point on this new album, it is the meticulousness with which the different titles have been arranged, the whole offering a kind of progressive symphony without dead time. After a very melancholic instrumental opening preceded by a few Celtic notes quickly joined by the violin and the piano, the different titles follow one another through multiple themes flowing naturally between the listener's ears. The transitions are fluid and immediate, and the whole is served by ample orchestrations highlighting the numerous mid-tempo instrumental parts where the guitar takes the lion's share. 

In a spirit similar to that of Aragon's "Mouse" concept, "Nowhere Highway" takes the listener to different emotions, including some moments of tension that are very well transcribed ('Ghost's Creepy Voice' for example) or moments of real fullness ('Virtual Sunset'). And if there was a (slight) reproach to be made about this album, it would perhaps be the absence of dead time, of breathing in the middle of all this musical profusion.

Nevertheless, "Nowhere Highway" is a work that carries the listener from the very first seconds, only to release him once the last seconds of silence of the last track have passed. It is unquestionably a new cornerstone to bring to progressive rock, for which the year 2020 will have been of incredible quality.

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01. Behind The Veil (Ghosts Part2)
02. The Hidden Muse (Ghosts Part3)
03. The Choice (Ghosts Part4)
04. Moons Ago (Ghosts Part5)
05. Nowhere Highway (Ghosts Part6)

Bruno Pegues: Guitares
Didier Pegues: Claviers / Batterie
Etienne Damin: Guitares / Basse / Choeurs
Jack Daly: Chant / Choeurs
Philippe Benabes: Claviers
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4/5 (2 view(s))
4/5 (2 view(s))
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