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"Asphyx regurgitates the album we expect from him, a timeless slice of authoritative death doom metal, with no real surprise perhaps, but of an obvious efficiency."
CHILDERIC THOR (11.02.2021)  
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Martin van Drunen is 54 years old. When many guys his age have long since given up, slowly preparing for retirement, he continues to spew out death metal. And some heavy stuff too. Why would he stop anyway, he who, with his raspy voice as if rubbed with sandpaper, is considered a legend, often imitated but never equalled. Since 2007 and their resurrection, the Bataves have never disappointed. There is thus no reason that that changes with "Necroceros". 

First observation, the sound is enormous, of a mineral hardness, a real bunker erected in the depths of the Underworld. It slams and shakes the walls like death metal should always do. Following a tried and tested habit, Asphyx ignores the preliminaries giving off one of his brutal protrusions, the secret of which he keeps secret, right from the start. Certainly less barbaric than 'Candiru', who launched the hostilities on 'Incoming Death' (2016), 'The Sole Cure Is Death' is no less severe, without however refraining from the abyssal decelerations that drag him into the sinister bowels of horror. These four minutes set the tone of an album struck with the seal of a Spartan death metal more Doom than ever. 

The blitzkriegs are not completely absent, as the radical 'Botox Implosion', the first single from 'Necroceros', or the catchy 'Yield or Die' testify, but they must feel very much alone in a group that favors heavy assaults over rapid attacks. Even short cartridges such as 'The Nameless Elite' or 'Knights Templar Stand' are trapped in a thick layer of fuel oil that nails them to the ground. What about the long and reptilian 'Three Years Of Famine', 'In Blazing Oceans' or the 'Necroceros' terminal, which opens a cyclopean chasm whose walls lead directly to Tartarus. This force as creeping as it is implacable does not prevent 'Motlen Black Earth' and even more so 'Mount Skull' to give a great acceleration for a result of a ferocious harshness. If Martin van Drunen's performance is always a delight, his three accomplices have all their share in the erection of this heavy underground fortress.

If he doesn't try to renovate his signature, always recognizable among a thousand, Asphyx regurgitates the album we expect from him, a timeless slice of authoritative death doom metal, with no real surprise perhaps, but of an obvious efficiency.

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01. The Sole Cure is Death
02. Molten Black Earth
03. Mount Skull
04. Knights Templar Stand
05. Three Years of Famine
06. Botox Implosion
07. In Blazing Oceans
08. The Nameless Elite
09. Yield or Die
10. Necroceros

Alwin Zuur: Basse
Martin Van Drunen : Chant
Paul Baayens: Guitares
Stefan “husky“ Hüskens: Batterie
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