"Of proven effectiveness, "Cerecloth" is a Swedish-style black metal album, unsurprisingly produced by veterans who don't really force their talent."
CHILDERIC THOR (30.06.2020)  
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We had almost forgotten them, these Swedes who, if they haven't given birth to major works of the genre, can at least celebrate their (almost) thirty years of activity without ever having given up the twilight colors of this typically Swedish black metal, with a lot of melodies in it. Naglfar hadn't given any sign of discographic life since "Téras", already erased from our memory. So what can we expect from his successor?

The band being one of those we don't risk to catch in flagrante delicto of evolution, there isn't much to expect from "Cerecloth" if it's not a slice of hyper-effective black art which always makes its little effect on stage. Animated by three mercenaries of the genre who have been seen in Setherial, Ancient or Bewitched, including Marcus E. Normann (guitar and bass) and Kristoffer W. Olivius (vocals), the trio can only be the source of a technically unstoppable offering ('Like Poison For A Soul'). Alternating between mid-tempos that sink into the depths of the earth ('Cry Of The Seraphim') and ferocious aggressions ('A Sanguine Tide Unleashed'), the Scandinavians have no equal for spreading their nocturnal veil ('Vortex Of Negativity').

But, a bit like his compatriot Necrophobic, Naglfar now struggles to make an impression, and few of the tracks on 'Cerecloth' are able to print stigma in the flesh, except maybe a 'Necronaut' more Doom Death than Black. Even the epic 'Last Breath Of Yggdrasil', supposed to close the record in beauty, crashes against the wall of banality. From the mastering entrusted to Dan Swanö to the cover signed by Kristian Wahlin (At The Gates, Dark Funeral, Dark Tranquillity...), we almost feel like we're back in the 90s!

In the end, if this seventh misdeed won't stop its relative decline, Naglfar remains nevertheless a "name", explaining its place within the Century Media stable and the respect, deserved by the way, that fans of this good old family black metal have for it, devoid of the slightest originality if not of risk taking, but nevertheless sure of an expression as sharp as dark...

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01. Cerecloth - 04:05
02. Horns - 04:38
03. Like Poison For The Soul - 06.31
04. Vortex Of Negativity - 05:02
05. Cry Of The Serafim - 04:25
06. The Dagger Of Creation - 05:07
07. A Sanguine Tide Unleashed - 03:54
08. Necronaut - 03:29
09. Last Breath Of Yggdrasil - 06:30

Andreas Nilsson: Guitares
Kristoffer "Wrath" Olivius: Chant
Marcus E. Normann: Guitares / Basse
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