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""Weird Interbreeding" is a festival of metal riffs, sparkling arpeggios, jazzy solos and transcendental rhythms and clearly one of the revelations of the year in modern progressive metal."
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Ekphrasis in ancient Greek is a precise and detailed description. I don't know if Benjamin Savariau, in naming his new musical project Ekphrasis, had consciously or unconsciously the idea of setting a trap for the reviewers, but it turns out in any case that writing the ekphrasis of Ekphrasis is an impossible mission, so impressive is the richness of this first album. As we know, the prog metal scene has been surprisingly vital for a few years now. This new french band is no exception to the rule. "Weird Interbreeding" is a slap in the face. One of those that atomize you by surprise and scatter you like a puzzle in the four corners of progressive metal.

For all lovers of technical music, Ekphrasis is an offering, a festival of odd rhythms, polyrhythms, enriched chords and burning guitar soli. Even if he is little known to the general public, Benjamin Savariau is an outstanding guitarist. He has accompanied many French variety artists and participated in numerous projects, ranging from jazz to death metal. Ekphrasis is his most personal project designed to highlight his insolent talent. But his accomplices, drummer Clément Pernet and bassist Franck Hermanny, are not to be outdone and support brilliant compositions that develop a new idea every minute.

Ekphrasis is the fusion of djent and jazz ('Whispers From Erebos'), metal prog and jazz rock ('I'd Never Thought To Try', 'Through The Mirror'). It's the meeting between Return To Forever and Periphery, between Frank Zappa and Animals As Leaders. But Ekphrasis is not a new Nova Collective or a new Liquid Tension Experiment. The band's music asserts its originality through subtle borrowings from soul music, notably through Benjamin Savariau's vocal lines ('Breaking Colours', 'A Maze In Oneiroi II'). His clear vocals, on the borderline between pop, soul and R'n'B, take its full dimension on the magnificent acoustic track 'The Father's Piece' and on the carefully crafted vocal harmonies of the excellent 'A Maze In Oneiroi II'.

For a first album, "Weird Interbreeding" is almost beyond reproach. Maybe can we express a few reservations about the few insecure growl vocals on some tracks ('Whispers From Erebos', 'Gaïa's Equanimity'). But for the rest, it's a festival of metal riffs, sparkling arpeggios ('Weird Interbreeding'), jazzy solos and transcendental rhythmics ('Modal Work'). A real goldsmith's work that makes Ekphrasis the major revelation of the year in modern progressive metal. 

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01. Whispers From Erebos - 5:59
02. Breaking Colours - 8:58
03. I'd Never Thought To Try - 4:22
04. A Maze In Oneiroi II - 5:30
05. Modal Work - 8:08
06. Nova - 3:44
07. Through The Mirror - 6:16
08. Gaïa's Equanimity - 12:32
09. Weird Interbreeding - 8:15
10. The Father's Piece - 4:43

Benjamin Savariau: Chant / Guitares
Clément Pernet: Batterie
Franck Hermanny: Basse
Marine Garcia: Chant / Claviers
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J'avoue avoir beaucoup de mal à m'enthousiasmer pour ce genre de production. Bien sûr, je ne remets pas en cause les qualités mises en avant dans la chronique, mais voilà, j'accroche pas, trop technique, trop rentre-dedans ... tout ça me laisse de marbre.
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